Kiel Teni Our Town Pura Konstruaĵo Partnerecoj

How to keep our town. We are Muslims we should follow the teaching of Islam. Islam gives us the sense of purity cleanliness.We should therefore be clean in action and thought. Our holy prophet (peace be upon him) loved cleanliness, we should feel proud of following his footsteps. In Advanced countries even today people dust their houses and its surroundings themselves.In the evening the sprinkle water on the roads in front their houses. These things may be a cause of an epidemic Legu pli [...]

Homologa serio kaj karakterizaĵoj de homologa serio

Homologous series and characteristics of homologous series Definition; Series of organic compounds which have a same functional group, similar structural feature but differ from each other by an integer number of CH2(metileno grupo) nomiĝas "homologa serio". La nombro de homologaj serio diferencas de molekula maso 14. Karakterizaĵoj de Homologaj serio: Ĉiuj nombroj el homologa serio havas similajn strukturojn. Physical properties of homologous series change progressively Legu pli [...]