Many of us wondering if this really exist a bitcoin debit card and i clearly can answer yes. So if you wanna get your own bitcoin debit card you need to register at this site: CRYPTOPAY.

The registration process is very simple i know you can do it without my help.

Account 4 Currency

Once you joined cryptopay you will see in your account 4 currency account on your dashboard.

  1. Bitcoin account
  2. Euro account
  3. British pound account
  4. US Dollar account

Below this 4 currency accounts you will see the button with text “Order a card”. You need to press this button if you want to get this card.  When this button is pressed you will see this two options

There you need to choose which one of this card you want or maybe you want both of it. You just need press the currency that you need below the card you chosen and press continue. Also there you will see the cost of each card and shipping fees. As you see for plastic card it is 15€ card price, free shipping but if you need extra fast shipping it’s cost 70€. Monthly service fee is 1€ and 1% load fee. For virtual card price is 2.50€ and monthly fee 1€ and 1% load fee. But there is no shipping cause card is virtual.

So you can choose one of them and order your card now. Just fill the order form and submit it.

So if you think that we missed something or just wanna tell about another bitcoin debit cards feel free to leave your opinion in comments below.

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