Employees Monitoring

Pros & Cons of Employees Monitoring

Since the technology has advanced, employee monitoring becomes necessary in a business organization. It enables a business to monitor the employees’ activities within the premises of the company and on the company owned gadgets. In any firm, having dozens of workers, tracking is really mattered a lot over the few years.  Because the surveillance on the employees is the warning sign for workers to do their job honestly rather than just wasting time on company owned devices or making gossips here and there. The reasons behind the tracking on the staff are many such as to increase the productivity of the company, to deal with nu-authorized breaching within the confidential data available within the company’s device such as computers, tabs, and cell phones.

It enables employers to keep an eye the task assigned to the employees and to have proof how much an individual has worked within the working hours. It is useful for marking the attendance of the employees and for security reasons since the ransomware cyber-attacks the business organization. The modern monitoring applications and tools and its implementations show positive impacts on the business.

On the other hand, if we take look a little back, we will come to know that the monitoring is not a modern method. It is very classical, history tells us that in 1988’s the timesheet was introduced and it was very effective way of monitoring at that time. The modern world and contemporary technological software have come forward to keep an eye on the employees collectively and individually.

Now employers can easily come to know that how much an individual spend time on work. Are they productive or lazy? On what particular tasks they are having problems, when and where they are talented. The contemporary technology in the shape of window & Mac monitoring software, cell phone tracking app and data backup software needs to be appreciated.

Now business owners are aware of the activities the employees perform such as a use of the internet on devices, emails, keystrokes. Cellphone usage, screen recording and audio and video tracking, GPS location tracking control of the company owned devices remotely.

Types of Employee Tracking

Employees Monitoring

When it comes to the monitoring of your workers in an organization, you may not hear off about few. Let’s take a look at the following.

Use of Cyber Space

Estimated two-third of the business organizations monitors their employees when they are using the internet on company’s owned devices. There is no little doubt about that, it is very handy to have completed information about all of the employees what type of activities they are doing. Is it related to the company? They can easily come to know that what type of activities they are doing on the web and what sort of websites they are visiting by using the company’s owned devices. Now, everyone has social media accounts and sometimes employees waste precious time on instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Line, Viber and others alike. A boss can closely watch all of the activities performed on the devices.


The most interesting thing is, almost 43% employers track the emails of the employees. It could be very handy for bosses to track the problems at very before it occurs. It is very effective to monitor the emails to settle possible disputes. All the business and technology-based company usually tracks the emails with the help of email tracking software such as TheOneSpy email tracking app.


Most of the companies are heavily rely on customer care department, therefore for communication purposes; a company provides their employee cell phones. But these phones are being monitored by the bosses for making the check on them that how effectively they are guiding their clients.


Bosses also track the GPS location of their employees that work for supply tasks and they use company’s owned vehicles. Sometimes, employees don’t reach for supply at given time due to their personal affairs and the bosses have to bear losses and the criticism. So, they use GPS location tracking app in order to keep an eye on their employees.

Pros of Employee Monitoring

Employers, executives and team leads can play an effective role and can win a lot of rewards by using the employee monitoring app on company’s devices.

Disciplined Environment

It is the obvious thing that when employees have in their mind that they are being monitored by their employees, they will stay sharp in their work. They will not dare to make gossips with co-workers and don’t use the internet for the sake of entertainment within the working hours. They will not use social media platforms for fun. Ultimately employee tracking no doubt makes them disciplined.


Having a lot of deep insight within your teams work, and out of all one of your team member struggling, you can stop him while making further decisions. The reason behind using the tracking app for employees is to make them true professionals and honest in their work rather than just hanging out here and there.


When an employer is running a company in which dozens of employees are working in plenty of different shifts, it would be very tough to keep an eye on every individual one. But in-Case of having the monitoring software tool, an employer can view the work of every individual one.

Data –Security

The current world of technology has been attacked by the cyber ransom ware attacks and the world security has fallen in the current year. Employers all over the world lost confidential data and had to pay Heavy penalties. The data backup app enables user prevents all online attacks and in-case you have lost or theft the device, you can delete and retrieve all of your data by visiting the software dashboard.

The cons of Employee Tracking

Whatever you are using, it always has their side effects along with the Pros. But advantages are quite appreciable.

A Fear Factor

It is true sometimes monitoring create a fear in the heart of your employees that they are being monitored by their boss. Ultimately even some good employees have to shake their confidence. Sometimes cases have occurred that employees don’t accept it as the source of check and balance and don’t work under to the supervision of the technology.

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