Njb sales limited Company Overview, Details

You are searching Njb sales limited company number, category, status, and more. What does Njb sales limited do? what kind of work provides? and why do we need access or why do we need to know.

Actually, the Njb sales limited having products, outstanding data entry employees, and more.


Njb sales limited Overview / Detail

It has a lots of ability to cover what can possible and bring brights in the next running way.Njb sales limited abbreviated as co. and CEO., it is a legal entity constitute an association of people and audience, whether natural, own, and others.

Njb sales limited Company members share a common purpose and unite to bring about specific, declared goals and more.

Njb sales limited Info / Detail

Company Status: Active
Origin Country: United Kingdom
Company Number: 08006008
Incorporation Date: 26/03/2012

That’s all the main detail of Njb sales limited and the below mentioned table or data may help you to know more about.

Company / Office Location

Address: 24 BELLWAY

Njb sales limited

Post Code: ENGLAND

OK. Guys! That’s it.

Authenticate Statement of Njb sales limited

Upcoming Due Date: 12/10/2021
Expiring or Last Date: 28/09/2020

Nature of Business of Njb sales limited (SIC Codes)

46190 – Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods

In the above-mentioned table or data you get some access of in which next due date or upcoming due is 12/10/2021.

Accounts Statement

In which date or what the type of accounts of Njb sales limited are?

Upcoming Due Date: 31st March
Reference Date:
Expiring or Last Date: 31/03/2021
Account Category: 31/03/2019

That’s done! Now it is up to you to choose the date and know the information more about.

Return Date And Due Date

O! It would fantastic! and cool to have some information also about when the return it or what the date is?

Here you go!

Upcming Date: 23/04/2017
Last Due Date: 26/03/2016

It’s yet not enough for now.

Mortgages Njb sales limited

How many mortgages are in? or what type of them?

Mortgage Charges: 0
Partially Satisfied Charges: 0
Outstanding Charges: 0
Satisfied Charges: 0

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