Shared Hosting V/S Dedicated Hosting: Which is best for your website?

Shared Hosting V/S Dedicated Hosting
Web hosting is the crucial factor that helps to take your website online globally and the harsh truth is that it is often neglected by the website owners. Shared Hosting V/S Dedicated Hosting because they are not sure about which type of hosting is best for their website. There are some providers out there that don’t help the users to know which type of hosting is suitable for their website. They only aim to earn the profit instead of providing the qualitative service. There are various kinds of Read more [...]

The Process Behind How to Migrate a WordPress Site to New Host

Migrate a WordPress website to new host
Migrate a WordPress One of the biggest risk involved in either switching the hosting of a WordPress website or migrating a WordPress site entirely to a new server is chances of data loss and website downtime. We generally tend to pick up a particular hosting just based on the price on which it is offered but this should not be the case. Both the quality of hosting as well as the price should be taken into consideration before finalizing on a place to host a WordPress website. If this is not taken Read more [...]