Bubble Shooter Puzzle for Android (Updated)


One of the most popular space-themed puzzle games is now available for free for just your Android phone! If you will challenge others so, others can your claim and you should require to others and play in the network. you can play on the network and must play. This game will not lift you and never your work then you can easily play this game. Clean your finger to move the laser sight and pick it to destroy the bubbles so that you become a good player in this game and compete with others, in this, you will win the challenges and shoots of pop and challenges. Blast through, you will have some options after you make a challenge. Clear the board and win. The bubbles will dance your hand’s fingers As your Wish direct.

Bubble Shooter Puzzle

If you take this game for play then your fingers are not good for play this game. We must take this game on the playstore on the GoogleGet the app today and start this fun puzzle adventure. You can make high score in this game and then you should take care this game If you play this. I m playing this game 7months now I m reach the level 550 but today I m suddenly open the game the level is an automatically down the level of 265 I m so hurting so I need your help. I love this game is fun but looks more like for 2 years old because is easy but this Bubble Shooter Puzzle.

I really love it is fun this game I relax me entrainment Is me. We apologize for the bad experience you encountered. Our development team is working on a solution that should solve the problem, so be sure to stay tuned for updates Bubble Shooter Puzzle



  • Drag your finger to move the laser aiming
  • There’s no time limit, but you have a limited number of shots to clear the level
  • Solve all the bubble puzzle
  • win and try to get 3 stars on every level
  • Colorful Candy Ball – pop 7 bubbles in a row and the candy ball will clear the way
  • Enjoy a great day outside with Bubble

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House Building Construction Game for Android


Welcome the best house in construction game. If you have a mind of constructing and building stuff then this House building construction games you can make the new building and houses for us in this game and then you will install this game on your mobile so, you can get the many benefits from this game. After installing this game on your mobile. If your dream will plan and build houses and then you just make the new house for others and get the money. You can do color the houses and painting after painting you can give guarantee others.

House Building Construction

If you have a mind of constructing and building stuff then this House building construction games you can make the new building and houses for us in this game and then you will install this game on your mobile so, you can get the many benefits from this game. After installing this game on your mobile. Build your house using your wooden pan and paint well. If you have a lot of lands then you make one house beautiful on every earth and make this house seal.

You can decorate your house in such a way as guests are coming home. Please decorate it in such a way that the bride is decorated in the wedding. The game of many city buildings can provide you with a great construction experience. Yes, but the best construction experience is only giving house building in construction games if you want to make a lot of houses in this game. Will you try this game? And then you should play this game and tell me about this game. This game is just played in the mobile otherwise not, you cannot play this game on the PC. The control can mostly over material in home building games or home builder games is the best flexibility to design and construct your home.


  • Will you try this game? And then you should play this game
  • You can decorate your house in such a way
  • Build your house using your wooden pan and paint well
  • The house building craft games in construction city
  • You are given a plane construction site and all the necessary construction.

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Coloring games for kids Animal Game for Android


Coloring pages book for kids is a game full of animals. And There are many Animals in this game. Means, Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Parrot, Deer, Duck, Rabbit, Kangaroo Etc… you can choose any animal to fill color and then you should paint the colors in the animals. This game is just for kids and the kids can paint the color in the animals just kids.  If you do not want to paint, you will have to read this whole detail, you will learn yourself. If you want our children to become a painter, after playing this game your children will learn a lot about paint. And then you must install this game for understanding.

Coloring Games for Kids

But everything in your game has been given to your children. your phone or tablet can in this virtual coloring game and painting books. You must give your children the right. So that the children understand that in fact our parents and parents love us. You should make a lot of effort to keep our children happy and always live. Your children can paint, and your children can be the painter in the feature. Your kids not only learn colors but they also learn a different kind of animals which live n forest your children know Where do the lion live? And Why does the lion eat the meat? All in all, your children can know in this game and in this game.

No matter where you are in this game, you will also be mixed with African, Asian, American, European and Australian animals. And it does not matter where you can install it. You go to any corner of the world, you can install this game everywhere. You can easily scare a whole area, drag a pencil or brush and use it to clean. If you have a bad mistake, then you will have the option to delete it again. After delight, you can make another. When you make another, you will need to make sure if the deal has to be done, the option to delete the deletion will end.

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Real Bus Mechanic Workshop 3D for Android


Workers can get a license to work in the workshop. And can make automatic repair services of large buses for public transport. The bus should be the license for repairing the buses. You will get time in this game if you want to get the money. So you have to do the whole thing within that time. If a bus engine is damaged then you will have to reap this engine in 3 minutes. If a bus welding is done, then you will have to tire a bus. There will be some problem with each bus you have to complete as soon as possible. If you do not see any problem inside the bus, how will you add this issue to the person?

The more you work in this game, the more you will be benefited. You can also tour buses and how to correctly deliver Masley in this game. You will get everything in this game. Such as oils, hammer, sacks, pouches, print colors, and many things. You just work in this game.

Real Bus Mechanic

Big coach and elevated buses can come to car garage for maintenance for auto repair. Try repairing can vehicles in backyard car workshop in real bus mechanic simulator game, If the driver gave some works for his bus. so, the bus driver gives a command in your works.

Do the Welding Work?

You must be welding the bus and then if you will repair the buses. Whatever that this bus has not granted of repair. you again the repair others buses for repair. Made it depend on you. It’s a chance to prove your ultimate experience of welding and tuning 8 wheelers American buses. We give you anythings chances. You should repair the American Buses with carefully yes, therefore this job is just for that peoples when it’s work for understand you cannot do anything in this game without understanding. This game shows the buses are powerful for us in this game and but, you should welding of the buses just in the garages.

Do paint job?

If will come the customer for the paint our bus so, you will do paint the color his buses and the customer gives the money. the customer can give you tip for painting our bus. spray color for painting buses body.



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Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past Game For Android


Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past maybe play well on your Mobile device also Table, Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past Game isn’t best but play for enjoying according to your mind to be still done work hard that’sWhy you should be played.

We are about to write some good topic on games but nowadays we are getting some problem on our server that’sWhy we are not used to writing a post daily maybe it will go well.

Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past

Go back to the 19th century and solve a series of murders in this captivating hidden object adventure game. Investigate crime scenes for clues, bring suspects in for questioning and analyze evidence to catch the killers. Are you ready to prove your detective skills?


  • Good investigation to improve your mind to play this game at that time.
  • Absolutely good game.
  • Investigate crime scenes in a city from another epoch
  • Examine clues and analyze samples to look for evidence
  • Interrogate witnesses and suspects
  • Bring the killer to justice

Criminal Case

Mysteries of the Past! is completely free to play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money.

Understating to play but the big problem of controls maybe you will understand when you are playing.

I don’t understand why they make you wait forever for you to get more energy so that you can advance on the game I hope soon they will let you watch some ads so that you can get more energy to play the game.

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Horse Racing Champion 3D for Android


Welcome To Racing Horse Champion 3D. And Then We Can give some questions for play this game. Do you have a lot of skills in the game that you can steal your royal Arabic horse with a stolen and competing championships in the first round every time? What do you know about this game? While riding on your Arab royal horse, always keep your balance balanced, stable and remembered the speed. You should be taken the participate the race now.

Remove your knight to win the width of your horse and win the world of royal daddy horse! Show your horse riding and racing skills and get the title of the horse race championship. And then you will challenge the horse racing in this game others peoples So, you can win the game. If you started Racing Horse Champion 3D Then we must care our horses and take the foods I can take the foods for horses I cannot Do that for horses and I will races from others.

Did you check this game? If you checked this game. Because you can reach a very high level in this game, in this game there are plenty of races in this game. If you stand in the line for the race, you will take an hour to take part in the race. Whenever someone comes to participate in this race, two hours ago tells me that my numbers are after that. If you will balance your horse race so, your horse is not run for the race. Because the horse is a powerful animal for the race then you should care your horse. If your horse is sick so, you should keep activating your horse because your horse runs in the races.

Are you ready to participate in horse riding?

If you are ready to race others so, you can participate in the races. Your only horses should be powerful because only race in the race is seen. If you’re ready then welcome in the race for participating in high addictive horse game and the appealing environment from us. We will give you some levels; where you have to start practice before the championship start in horse racing If you are ready so, please play this game and enjoy this game.

Screenshots Of Horse Riding Game


  • Ready to participate In Races.
  • Defiantly This Game is a Right.
  • Win the race then We will give chance to others.
  • We will give you riding tracks
  • You will take a ride on multiple horses on different mud tracks