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Beautiful Widget Style iPhone (iPad) App store

Widget style wanna use on my iPhone but which app should I Use? I can use someone those providing me the best style now I'd like to share with you. Widget style in iPhone. This app helps you better plan your day with a very reliable weather source. Furthermore, it is the most beautiful weather widget ever made, which will make your phone looks so amazing. Beautiful Widget Style in iPhone (iPad) The style is good in our life, why people wouldn't like style? Unfortunately, A style isn't good. But Read more [...]

Google Play Store vs the App Store (Number Of Apps)

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Android vs iOS – Difference and Comparison (updated for Android Nougat and iOS 10)

Android VS iOS which one is better for you? you are thinking if should I take Android, I could miss IOS at every place, so don't wanna take Android before trying IOS then exchange easy, it depends on you, Normally, therefore, peoples get the information about this difference. Android vs iOS Why you wanna take IOS? isn't better android in your life? nobody, iOS should use in iPhone mobiles and don't try to use in Android mobile likely Motorola mobile, anything those are without iPhone company Read more [...]