What is Nintendo Labo ?

It's no longer doubts, gaming is a means of developing your intelligence quotient (IQ). It pains me so much to see parents keep their kids away from gaming, claiming it keeps them away from other things. I get it, most kids can go extreme with gaming but as time goes on, those kids get to spend less time on the game. Then you check their performance in anything - Top notch. Gaming makes you think in splits of seconds and it can't get any better with what Nintendo is cooking, - Labo. What is Read more [...]

How to close applications properly and make your phone faster

"Samuel please my phone is slow and freezes, please what is the fix?". I shared a tip on how to make your phone faster. If your phone freezes often and then heats up check this out here. This time I will share with you how to close your phone application which will in turn make your phone faster indirectly and life will be easy for us all. Most smartphone users ignorantly close applications the wrong way, making it a herculean task for their device to run the applications. phones hate their Read more [...]

Top transforming cars in real life – Video

Let's talk a little bit on cars. I'm so enthusiastic of riding in one of these cars i'm about to share. If not for anything, but to experience the transformer feature. Almost everyone who as watched transformers loved the way the robots changed in a flash into exotic cars right?.  I loved it too an wished that my car will sometime have that transformers feature. well, my wishes are becoming true. Car manufactures are on their toes rolling out the next generation cars features, bringing us Read more [...]

Whatsapp launches Business app – This is what you need to know

Sometime ago I made known to you a business app from Whatsapp which comes with features that help business get to their customers on whatsapp better. The application was not released then, but signs displayed by Facebook after purchasing Whatsapp gave reasons to believe that such app will come to existence.Whatsapp business application is only for Android OS platform. Currently it has been made available in four countries - USA, UK, Mexico and Italy and will be rolled out to the rest of the world Read more [...]

How to read a recalled message on whatsapp

The new WhatsApp feature that enables you to recall already sent messages is really cool. Users get a chance of deleting the messages sent both on the receiver's side and on the sender's side. Read a recalled message on whatsapp So i'll show you how to see the messages that one has deleted in whatsapp, that is to say that when one sends you a messages on whatsapp, then later deletes it regardless if you have seen it or not, you can still view it on your phone. This trick works with an app Read more [...]

Send Money From Skrill To Jazz Cash Mobile Account

Withdraw Money from Skrill to Jazz Mobile Wallet Bank!Pakistanis are facing problems when they wanna receive money from their love ones or from people who wanna pay them from around the world. Since PayPal is still missing from Pakistan many Pakistanis use alternative payment processors. Skrill is one of those payment processor that many Pakistanis use day to day basis to receive money online to their bank account or to their debit/credit card. Skrill also is supported by top paid to click sites Read more [...]