App Store (IOS) maintained and developed by Apple Inc, it’s a digital distribution platform. The App Store allows their user to download browsers which are developed by Apple’s IOS software development kit. App Store IOS usually can download from iPhone smartphone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Fourth Generation of newer Apple TV.

App Store IOS history


July 10, 2008, the day when App Store IOS comes in Market, at initial, it has just 500 applications available but in January 2017 the App Store features increase by 2.2 million apps. At first in 2008 App Store IOS earned $70 billion in the market and it was one of favorite App for people…


Apple App Store has been famous in public, now It has just 9 years and millions of Apps downloaded billion times after this great success of the App Store IOS there were launched of the similar service by competitors which called “App Store” it was just not for iPhone user but for the any of the mobile devices. Well here we are not talking about another app store this article is about App Store IOS so, come to point, App Store IOS always provides a great and personal way to purchase latest Apple products and other Apple accessories.

App Store IOS provide much more languages

App Store IOS provide much more languages from whole over the world, it has

  1. English,
  2. Polish,
  3. Japanese,
  4. Danish,
  5. French,
  6. Russian,
  7. Spanish,
  8. Korean,
  9. Italian
  10. More than 15+…

App Store IOS is one of the great App because their developers have a lot of options to monetize their applications, they can download free apps as well as they can buy… App Store was perfect however their some criticizer, who criticized and the result began that Apple starts to removing the old apps from App Store IOS, Apples remove those apps who did not function very well and were not following the guidelines. Research firm noticed that the significant number of apps were removed.

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