What is Zapya and How we use it?

What is Zapya?

Today i tell about him and how can we use it. It’s a smartphone Android its a very famous in whole world. It’s used as a Bluetooth but Bluetooth take a lot of time to share any pictures, videos and applications to share another mobile or a computer or a laptop but zapya is take a very very short time to share any thing like as a picture, videos, and applications in another mobiles or computers or laptops. His version is 3.2.5. In this app, we can also see that the history that which thing we are share in which person and which thing we can get in which person. If they will change anything in this then they send a message in zapya that we are informed about his everything. In this app, you can also share any thing in the group which is made by you at the same time. Such its very good and nice app for immediately share to any thing. In this app, you have a category like as a pics are in the gallery and you can get videos in a videos category and also apps and audio in a different category. You can also connect it to Wi-Fi.

How we use it?

Now i will tell you that how can we use it? So when you download or install it so it automatically makes your id help of with your Gmail account and then you will see a symbol in his every category you will see it in easily. Which symbol color is blue and you can touch it and then it gives you two options one is searching and join second is create the connection. So you will open the Search and join so its search an Account which person you can share something so when its come then you will touch it and start to select which thing you share him thank you.

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