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Independence Day, also referred to as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on

A top quality US flag live wallpaper! A perfect live wallpaper for celebrating USA independence day or national day! Feel proud of your country? Let this US flag fly high in your phone!









  • Real OpenGL 3D animation! Not a video loop or animated gif!
  • Fully interactive! Shake phone, blow wind or touch screen to let the USA flag fly!
  • Floating cloud, thunderstorm, snowing, starry night etc animated background effect!
  • Different flag texture!
  • Optimize for both tablet and phone, portrait and landscape mode!
  • Set as live wallpaper or run as standalone app!
  • Draw, write or sign on flag!
  • Lighting control!
  • Old and tattered flag!
  • Use own audio file as national anthem!


  1. Double tap to start/stop wind
  2. Scroll up/down to raise/lower flag
  3. Double tap to start/stop background music


This is a free preview version. Some screenshots and features listed here only available in full version.

We hope that these 3D national flag apps are of use to anyone wanting to learn more about the nations of the world. We truly believe that knowledge of other nations and cultures will help lead to further peace and understanding in the world, and learning about other national flags and anthems is a good beginning.

  • US Independence Day


One of, if not the best flag live wallpapers available. Lots of options. Don’t like the ads? Then buy the paid version and support the developer’s work. Good software takes a lot of time and work. Show some appreciation.
I love this app bit could you bring the confederate flag back please I had it as my wall paper from you guys before but now I can’t find it I would like to have it as my wall paper one more time please and could you contact me and tell me why you got rid of it
U.S. Flag 3D Live Wallpaper Nice wallpaper. Great for all tribute’s and for honoring 9/11.
U.S.Flag Great, Beautiful, except I can’t get rid of the Damn AD’S !!
It would be the perfect app if the backgrounds we’re centered on the screen. I can’t even see the statue of liberty. Please fix and I’ll give you 5 stars
The flag of the United States of America I love her alot its the best wallpaper ever had that’s how they always have to get the hole then it’s a good one for Armed Forces Day it really shows what America is
Love, love, LOVE it! Even the free version. Especially all the setting options…Seldom do I ever rate 5 stars for an app, Would rate 10 if I could. Please dont change a thing! 🙂

É bom o papel de parede por ser uma linda bandeira em movimento Mas tinha um outro app q o fundo atrás tinha mais qualidade.. nao parecia um papel colado atrás.. E tinha a opção de fundo de mudar conforme o clima em que estava ou período do dia.. infelizmente não achei mais esse App, mas esse foi o melhor q achei para substituir
Please make one Please make a Confederate flag one I know you probably won’t because of all of what is going on about it but who cares please make one and if you can’t put it on the app store please make a website for it please and thank you

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