Top 20 Most Popular Android Apps Of All Time

Apps are one of the features that make Android or every smartphone amazing. There are different kinds of apps, game apps, Bible apps, e-commerce apps, website apps, utility apps e.t.c And one good thing about these apps is that they have close substitutes /alternatives, this keeps you in charge as you can always delete the ones that seem not useful and install the useful ones.


Top 20+ Most Popular Android Apps Will Launch 2018

  1. Amazon Kindle

    Amazon still takes the lead when it gets to e-books, though some other companies like Barnes and Noble work tirelessly. If you are already into Kindle world, The android app is a must-have. It enables you to sync your current read between your phone, tablet, and kindle so you can keep all your devices on the same page.

  2. Android Device manager

    Knowing fully well the importance of smartphone, you got to have a plan when something happens. Android device manager enables users to locate their devices when it goes missing, reset their pin code or password and even wipe the data. It is not used every day, but the only time you’ll need it, you will be so glad to have it.

  3. Avast mobile security

    Considering the fact that smart devices are so vulnerable when it comes to security, it is so nice to have a security app, Avast is one of the most recommended security apps in play store.

  4. Facebook Messanger

    The popularity of Facebook has spread to almost every nuke and cranny of the world. The easy access to some features via messenger is why everyone needs it, it allows you make voice calls, video calls, e.t.c with ease and more fun.

  5. Flamingo

    This is just the gorgeous alternative to Twitter in the play store, Flamingo came into the scene last year and fast became favorite, thanks to the outstanding looks and performance.

  6. Flipboard

    This shook up its approach recently, but the core of the app is still the same. It gets various news sources and topics into magazines, gives users a single place to swiftly catch up on the news they really need.

  7. Google Chrome

    There are numerous web browsers out there which are useful but google chrome gets our go ahead because of the fact that you’re probably using it on your desktop, laptop or mobile. The swiftness and features can’t just be overemphasized.

  8. Google Fit

    The best feature of this app aside from its beauty and effectiveness is its willingness to play well with others. If you need a more robust experience than what it offers with its basic fitness tracking, simply team it up with another fitness app you love.

  9. Google Maps

    This app is so useful to travellers as it enables you to get to your destination even if you don’t know where you are going to, almost everywhere in the world has been added to google map, all you need to do is carefully follow the directions and you’ll sure get to where you wanna get to.

  10. Google Translate

    This is one of the best and useful apps in play store, as it enables you to speak or learn any language on your own through it. This app gives you a translation to virtually every language in the world. One disadvantage of this app is that it does a direct translation, so, it is quite erroneous sometimes, but nevertheless, it’s usefulness outplays its little flaws.

  11. Instagram

    A no-brainer. This app is a juggernaut, and you got to have it on your phone. Perhaps it may be ripping off the main features of the snapshot, but it’s still the hotbed for the social media movers and shakers of the world, and a phone without it is one sorely out of the zeitgeist.

  12. Microsoft Office

    Now, when say Microsoft office, we don’t mean for you to download the app named Microsoft office. That app should not actually exist, as it simply tells users to download word, powerpoint, and excel. Save yourself the time and process, skip the middleman, and download those three apps directly from the play store. The good news is that the proper applications are great adaptations of the office experience you’ve known for years.

  13. Photo Grid

    Taking photos is one of the best ways to keep moments, these pictures are modified and joined using some photo mixing apps. Photo Grid is just a perfect app for that, it’s simplicity and features are simply amazing and it deserves to be on your phone.

  14. Mobdro

    Android apps are gradually making every other gadget a bit bogus while proving themselves to be more flexible, portable and convenient. Mobdro is just almost a perfect replacement for Dstv, cables and so on, It has many channels, Fashion, sports, movies. If you really need T.V at convenience, this app is a perfect one for you.

  15. Postcron

    As humans, we might not always be available to share what we wanna share at every particular point in time in our social media handles. This is an auto poster which makes it very easy for you to schedule your post and watch them post when the time comes. You can schedule posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

  16. Camera360 lite

    As initially stated, the importance of camera can’t just be overemphasized.But there is something about this camera, its beauty and flexibility for editing pictures are really amazing.

  17. Xander

    Most people have amazing stuff on their mobiles and many others would wanna get it right into their own devices, Xander is a flawless app for this as it speeds up the transfer of large files without interruptions.

  18. Spotify

    This is the best full-featured streaming service. This app enables you to stream any music from any type of device, create your own playlist, follow artists and sync tracks for offline listening.

  19. News360

    This is a smart news reader which learns about the kind of stories you want to see and grows more accurate as you use it. It continually pulls in the news which matters most to you.

  20. Skype

    The original VOIP service is currently owned by Microsoft and beats more than 250 million users. Free international voice and video calls through your data or WI-Fi connection is hard to pass up.

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