Top 10 Most Best Android App For 2016

Here it is ladies and gentlemen.The Android apps that stand alone at the top of the pantheon.These app have becomes high work in your mobiles and tablets have of this stuff already if you are looking for best stuff assumed here are the best Android apps currently available sure come back we do keep updated every month its our mission we want you have some related more same Android apps we shall share high best tips,

Now we start 1st Best messenger app for Android i known its local app but its very high quality and world using WhatsApp Messenger,

1, WhatsApp Messenger,

WhatsApp the chat app has been installed on 1 billion+ smartphone, its always improving user,used have best experience,adding new features,latest and become more secure, How make it number one? All uses it,if you already use whatsApp than you should check your favorite,

2, Google Drive 

Its free app with additional costs for you want high storage buy the 3 Mb storage,Google is very great storage save your life time work in your Gmail but it does double time work as an Great mobile office suite also drive,you can access very high and important files save in Google Drive Its all from your Android device.

3, 1Weather 

A Weather is very best and high quality Weather app is there,its a very simple, you’ll get a fairly decent set of lightly customize able for it, its show your city what hot day, Samar day, 25* show, Most also likely enjoy the range of weather fun facts the app.

4, Pics Art Photo Studio

If you think how to mobile image editing you really think my pic is show very high quality resolution like this app, But where Instagram ends, PicsArt Photo Studio begins, bringing not just filter show studio begin its very high powerful tools you can share your pics in facebook,google plus and others,

5, Telegram

Its no messaging app do not put the number of users just name and see the profile whatsApp but there is very great Telegram is one of more,The free app has end-to-start have already group chat work in telegram unlike some other messenger because  1 app is very popular so all people come in popular not others you can use it on multiple devices its just your mobile high,

 Its Simple


6, Google Maps and Waze

Most popular google map people want my location save in google and show where i am,its just you save your location,business,company,mosque and home,

 Google Maps gives you access to places of interest, traffic data, directions to things like rest stops or gas stations,

7, Newton

Cloud Music to the scan couple of many years ago of the best Android App,

Its comes 2016 Newton its an email client when you will create an account show into all of your email addresses,all you have to log newton,newton rest done automatically proproductivity features, including direct integration with apps like Google Calendar, Trello, Evernote, Todoist, Zendesk, and others,

8, Amaze File Manager

The File Manager is also free and its very easy to use it have already all the basic quick access to file, Coping,moving,deleting others Unfortunately, you can’t access data on your MicroSD card through the drop down menu, When looking in individual folders, you can toggle between list and table view its now save your PDF file,

9, Best keyboard apps for Android Fleksy

This keyboard is very fast work,typing is very quick its our company favorite many of have adopted Fleksy using its very big cleaver,

Sample, Most keyboard use a press and hold delete key super-quick backward swipe.

10, Nova Launcher

Initially, we were not go to put any launchers in our mobile on app list,normal launcher is very similar are been round in a year,its per year update show new launcher company  It comes with a host of features, including the ability to backup and restore to your home page again to again setup setting full,


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