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Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Launcher for Android

Hello guys! today, I’m going to tell you about Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Launcher for Android and also let you which one is better than other so, here you will get each an everything information such as a better idea whose current version updated and also let you the way where updated version can download.

Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Launcher for Android

Samsung Galaxy S9 Launcher – is developed and customized based on TouchWiz of the latest Galaxy S9 – Launcher S9.

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Especially with the support of icon packages, you can customize your own custom tastes.

S9 Launcher – Samsung Galaxy S9 Launcher, Theme Note 8

S9 Launcher - SS Galaxy S9 Launcher, Theme Note 8
Samsung Galaxy S9 Launcher
  • Many beautiful launcher wallpaper, support color wallpaper, support transparent live wallpaper
  • Support UNIFY all your app icons to Galaxy shape or round shape.
  • Launcher Drawer style: support horizontal(default style), vertical, vertical with category, list.
  • All apps can be sorted by a-z, by installed time, by most used, or by customized sorting.
  • You may enable a-z quick finding bar on launcher drawer right side.
  • You can add a folder in launcher drawer.
  • You can adjust launcher desktop grid size, drawer grid size, icon size, icon label, etc.
  • Support Quick search from launcher: search apps and any more.
  • Galaxy Galaxy S9 icon pack, and galaxy Samsung Galaxy S9 launcher, galaxy s9 wallpaper.
  • Support Super Folder.
  • Note 9 Launcher.
  • TouchWiz Launcher contains lots of Gestures helps you do everything faster.
  • You can use gestures to open your favorite apps, settings, expand or toggle status bar, search,… much faster.
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  • Control Center: Smart Toggle for Wifi style, Silent mode, Airplane Mode, Data Connection, Bluetooth, Touch Vibration.
  • With Control Center app, you can customize more style, such as size, color, position, vibration

is the best launcher for me I ever seen. It works smoothly. No hang or other problem. Highly recommend this launcher for everyone!!!

So, guys! it’s all whatever I would like to let you about Samsung Galaxy S9 Launcher expect it’s own features that belong to make your mobile design fast and classify with beautiful.

From here you can download it now: Here

Super S9 Launcher for Galaxy S9/S8 launcher

S9 Launcher is a Galaxy S9 style launcher, provide you latest Galaxy S8/S9 launcher experience; Easy, modern, powerful launcher!

S9 Launcher is available for all Android 4.1+ devices!

Super S9 Launcher for Galaxy S9/S8 launcher
Super S9 Launcher for Galaxy S9/S8 launcher

Samsung Galaxy S9 launcher was recommendable to download guys! It’s not fake and I’m not forced to do this, I swear It’s really Amazing!!! However, there are ads popping up but it’s bearable: ) Trust me its worth it!

  • Various gestures action support, let you operate launcher handily.
  • Hide app and lock app easily from launcher.
  • Highly customizable launcher: you can change launcher grid size, icon size, color, font etc.
  • App quick location/finding in launcher all apps drawer.
  • Notification badge for missed call, unread message and all apps

You can download this launcher over: here

SO S10 Launcher for Galaxy S, S10/S9/S8 Theme

Guys! this launcher has already this name in the play store place so, I would not like to change it by myself.

SO S10 Launcher for Galaxy S, S10/S9/S8 Theme
SO S10 Launcher for Galaxy S, S10/S9/S8 Theme
  • Many gestures support.
  • Edit the app icon and label individually.
  • Unread counter/notifier.
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  • Lock desktop.
  • Eye protect feature, our product care about your health.
  • Feature-rich side screen.
  • Torch built-in with Samsung Galaxy S9 Launcher.
  • Booster.
  • Space cleaner.
  • Storage manager.
  • Battery Saver.

If anyone wanted Samsung one UI in his any android phone then they can install this. It gives a perfect look to an old android device. In my opinion, you should install this app and use it.

Get it from here over: There

S Launcher – Galaxy S9 Launcher, S9/S8 theme, cool

S Launcher – Galaxy S9 Launcher, S9/S8 theme, cool

Samsung Galaxy S9 Launcher is very simple and easy to use in your Android phone not only this easy but also more features are there.

  • Galaxy S9 style search bar, and you can config it.
  • Icon labels option.
  • Grid size option.
  • Support scroll wallpaper.
  • Android™ 8.0 Oreo style widget drawer.
  • Android O Oreo style launcher edit mode.
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  • Quick search in all apps with Samsung Galaxy S9 Launcher.
  • Gestures support, handy launcher.
  • Unread counter, notification reminder.
  • Galaxy S9 style drawer; Infinite scroll in a drawer.
  • Recent apps in drawer.
  • Smooth and clean launcher.

Would you like to download this one also in Android phone? Here you are.

S Launcher for Galaxy TouchWiz

S Launcher for Galaxy TouchWiz

Galaxy S Launcher is a highly customizable, performance driven, TouchWiz style home screen replacement.

With other launchers, you can’t even move the dock bar. so this movable dock bar is a big plus for me. The themes are pretty decent too.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Launcher not perfect but I won’t complain because it’s free and all round a real nice launcher.

Until today where it continuously crashes. It worked great until then, must be an update that causes the crashes.

  • Hide apps in drawer.
  • Scrollable dock, customizable dock pages and number of dock icons.
  • Screen orientation.
  • Set default screen for desktop.

Download now from: Here

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