Magic Tiles 3 Android Game APK & Reviews

et’s play Magic Tiles 3 on your mobile for FREE today!

This piano game combines various instruments which are guitar, drum, and especially piano! Moreover, this game has high-quality piano songs and beautiful gameplay.

Game’s rule:

In order to play this piano game, you just have to tap the black tiles and avoid the white tiles. That’s it!

Game’s features:

– Band mode where you can play with more instruments. Thus, it creates wonderful melodies
– Battle mode creates the opportunity for players to compete with others around the world
– High-quality piano songs, guitar songs, and some HOT pop music which are frequently updated
– The special playing technique which is the “perfect, great, cool” accuracy baseline. It requires users to perform accurately and increase the game’s challenge.
– The challenge mode which leads users to improve their tapping speed in order to rank on the TOP of the world.
– Log in to your Facebook account and share data on multiple devices.

So, get ready and try out Magic Tiles 3 for FREE! This attractive piano game is more challenging than you could imagine.

Further, to better the game’s performance and offer a customized user experience based on your location we do ask for permission to access to your storage and location.

The thing that makes this good is the good music and quality of the songs. The multi-player just makes it even better. I just wish you would add Anime songs! Ah, that would be nice. Still a 4.5 star game without them. Beautiful ^^

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The game itself is way fun and addicting but theres way too many pop ups and you cant just click out of them, you have to wait 20 – 30 seconds until its over

It really is a cool game, but… Sometimes when l hit a tile, the game considers that l missed the tile, which makes me frustrated. Most of my classmates have seen it, and they get frustrated too when they play it and get the same result. Please fix this. Other than that, it is still a awesome and fun game.
Very addictive in a fun way. This games makes you want to work harder when you have an itch you can’t scratch cause you can’t pause the game lol

OMG this game is so relaxing and challenging at the same time I got three crowns on the 4 try and 3445 taps Yasuo I’m so happy if I could give this app a 100 star rating I would♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
I love it!!! It helps calm my anxiety attacks. All the colors are all my favorite colors! Love the music! Everything about this game is so perfect to me!!! ????
I love the game and it’s a great time killer especially when you are sick. But I was playing it and it glitched and I got 10 diamonds and lives.

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