Knife Rush Mod APK for Android [Must Play]

knife rush mod APK

Throw blades, collect coins Knife Rush Mod APK and go up the level ladder. Remember, you have only limited number of cutting weapons to complete every level. Do not hit other swords and obstacles! Do not waste knives in vain!

When I checked the knife rush mod APK game on the play so, there is very excited to write on it.

I wanna you to try knife rush mod APK and must play if you didn’t play before ever.


Master your impressive ninja accuracy and caution! Just point knife rush mod APK tap and hit the target. An addictive game that will definitely absorb you in its spin universe!

So, would are you waiting for knife rush mod APK? like download direct link and not interested to go to play store.

Knife rush mod APK


knife rush mod APK

Beautiful knife rush mod APK game loved the design. Nice touch on the different colored weapons affecting the color of the knife rush mod APK game. I didn’t mind the ads that much as most of them were interactive knife rush mod APK (which kept me entertained until I can go back to knife rush mod APK). Would be nice if we could visit the old levels to collect all the gold we missed.


21 euros a month or 105 euros a year for a diamond membership in knife rush mod APK? I’m offended by the absurd price of the pointless subscription that I’m not even gonna review the of knife rush mod APK game. (World’s most popular subscription-based online game costs 10 a month; your “knife rush mod APK” is not worth even a fraction of that.)


It’s a good game but is thinking you better not do it and remove the knife rush mod APK game. Why you ask about knife rush mod APK? Its because you literally just copy and paste from the knife rush mod APK game “Knife Hit”. Or you like to get sued and lost your company if you like knife rush mod APK.


knife rush mod APKDid you like knife rush mod APK with look like screenshots?


You should read features of knife rush mod APK these are:

  • Make the knives fly! Flip it and beat it!
  • 60+ cold steel arms: knife rush mod APK.
  • Dozens of levels to become a skilled knife master
  • Free chests for splashy results. 🙂
  • Easy-to-understand gameplay and must knife rush mod APK.


File name:
Version: 1.0
Uploaded: June 25, 2018
File size: 52.6MB

Developer: Playgendary

Minimum Android version: Android 4.1+++
MD5: b305572100d0f00d8bbee314e57a9ab0

Download: Here you can download

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