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Excited to download the game? Install the cool Kids Learning brain game now.

Kids Educational Game

Gone are the days, when the Preschool and Kindergarten kids are made to learn math and hone other skills with classroom teaching using pen and paper.

Kids Fun Learning Game is one of the outstanding game that helps parents to make their toddlers learn basic, Our basically target high building website to get as top in Apks.

New pescAPPs educational game! This fun application contains 12 games designed for kids. In English, Spanish and Portuguese. With this game kids will learn:

Key Featured:

  • Sequence making: Sequence creation game to help children identify the repetitions and missing number
  • Number tracing: Tracking the numbers with alphabets to quickly learn about the numbers
  • Find the missing: Game to find the missing number to increase the memory power
  • Number comparison: Greater or lesser number comparison with sea saw pictures
  • Pair making: Drag the correct number below the stickers hanging on the tree for pair making
  • Incremental levels: Different levels are set to start from easy to difficult one
  • Follow standards: Perfectly synced with kindergarten math curriculum

Download below link.

Kids Educational Game | Kids Learning Game | Fun Learn

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