Download Kick the Buddy: Forever Mod APK v1.2 for Android

Kick the Buddy forever mod apk

Hello friends! you’re downloading Kick the Buddy: Forever mod apk whose current version is 1.2 and you have an Android device to play this game otherwise the developer is about to bring a new version for iPhone users.

Lets beat the buddy with new weapons which you have received now. Go to below and start downloading kick the buddy forever mod apk and enjoy. This will take a while during downloading then you have to take some rest for it. Play Kick the Buddy forever and get entertainment to beat your new buddy.

Kick the Buddy forever mod apk
Play and enjoy

I also downloaded Kick the Buddy I got much entertainment which I can’t tell you. I also uploaded this game video you should check in the android mod apk games channel.

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Kick the Buddy Forever Mod APK:

In this game, you will get a buddy which will tease you and then, you will feel very bad. After that, the game will star now, you have to beat your buddy which you will have got. Kick the Buddy forever mod will be very courageous because whenever you will beat he will run.

Kick the Buddy: Forever Mod
Robot will unlock

New weapons have unlocked in this series in which the robot is one of the good to beat. The robot will have those authorities which can destroy your buddy in just a sec. The robot is one of the last weapons for a buddy.

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Kick the Buddy: Forever Mod
Eat Watermelon

Kick the Buddy forever mod apk has watermelon in the features. There are most powerful weapons in the game which can destroy the buddy in a sec. The buddy will be happy in the whole game because it will be your new guest.

Guys! let’s discuss about features of it.


  • It has lots of new levels.
  • Lots of fun and enjoyments.
  • We should keep continuing our game in it.
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  • The Kick the Buddy: Forever Mod APK is better and a way where to download unlock.

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