How to make your own Google Play Store AppMarket

Google play store is one big market store where you can download apps for your Android smartphones/tablets easily. Today, I just came across with a thought how about we can download Android apps for offline use so we can install downloaded apps if there is no internet connection.

In this article, I will help you to make your own play store and android application .apk file downloader so you can use apps offline when there is no internet connection.

Google Play Store AppMarket

Google Play Store App Market is an Android apps php script which you can get from one of the most popular scripts’ sites i.e., Codecanyon. The script is specifically for Google apps just like Google play.

This Google Play store script pulls app the apps from the google play website automatically and display the top charts of the game and the new releases. It gets you detailed information and reviews of the applications all in one place. The related apps section is also added.

Google Play Store AppMarket Features

  • Search for apps
  • Display Top Charts and New Releases
  • Detailed app pages
  • Browse apps by category
  • Apps user ratings
  • Responsive Design using Bootstrap 4
  • Using Latest Laravel 5.2 PHP Framework
  • Google Analytics Ready
  • Advertisements Ready
  • No Database Required
  • Disqus Comments
  • Apps review comments

Google Play APK Downloader

Once you are done creating your own app market of Google play apps, then you will need an apk downloader so you can download Android apps for offline use (so, you don’t have to use internet connection later).

Google play APK downloader

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