Google Play Store vs the App Store (Number Of Apps)

Google play store should use on android mobiles, doesn’t allow in iPhone mobile, and App store also same issues in that. but google play store going to take more likely say, Billion peoples use that app by themselves,

Google Play Store

Google play store looking good on every mobile, but what is different in that? Gladly write for you in my website follow us Unfortunately, google play doesn’t allow iPhone should use our app on iPhone mobiles, why because that’s privacy.

Performance Google Play Store

Apple and Google are the two biggest players in the app market. Let’s make something clear: the comparison of the App Store vs Google Play.

App Store

Newly, this app would like to install on android mobile, but unfortunately, app store doesn’t allow to use in android mobile,


Let’s start with iOS. In terms of being truly mobile, Apple’s products have a few limitations. Now, it is possible to own and operate an iPhone or iPad without a PC.

Let’s Go to screenshots.

Apple App store VS Google Play

Which one is going to top?

Breakdown of the 100 highest-grossing apps in the United States,

App Store Optimization

Show the ranking in iPad Pro

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