Clash Royale MOD APK V3.1.0 (Unlimited Gold/Gems)

Clash Royale MOD APK

The Clash Royale mod apk V3.1.0 can be downloaded on any Android device, but the iOS version is not fully developed yet and Clash Royale MOD APK V3.1.0 (Unlimited Gold/Gems).

With the help of an emulator, players can enjoy this game on the PC as well. They can properly install it and then update the game frequently.

The main objective of a player in this game is to win battles, by using their army in an effective way.

The players are pit against each other, and the mission they are giving is to destroy the opposing towers. If the players are able to destroy the King’s Tower, then it is considered an instant win for them.

Players need to strive to win more towers, as compared to the other players so that they can win. The number of trophies that a player has, defines their rank in the game. Gamers can get more experience when they get points. This is possible with the help of donating and upgrading of the cards that the players have. The highest level in the game is 13.

If a player really wants to win this game, against another player, then he has to destroy as many towers as possible. The towers that the player destroys, is represented by a crown.


Features of Clash Royale Hack:

  • The new version of  Clash Royale Mod Apk V3.1.0 has some amazing features.
  • There are unlimited resources in this game. The benefit of having unlimited resources is that the player doesn’t have to wait for a long time to access resources.
  • When players have unlimited resources, then they are able to feel the excitement of the game.
  • The game has 100% uptime, and there are challenges in the game. Players get to play events, which makes the game interesting. When they get rewarded at the end of challenges and events, they can use these rewards to get ahead in the game.
  • The change that developers have made in the game, is that players are able to get infinite gems. Gems can buy players a lot of stuff in the game, which is why getting infinite gems would give them a better user experience.
  • The working clan features in the game have been changed. Players are now able to not only donate troops but receive them as well.
  • Clash Royale mod apk makes it possible for players, to get access to cards and chests at a quicker pace. They can fight with other players on the battlefield, making the game more lively and interesting.
  • Moreover, gamers can unlock their favorite cards, without having to pay for them. Players need these cards and chests, to further advance in the game and win crowns.
  • The difference between Clash Royale and Clash Royale mod apk is that mod apk is the modified version of the original game. The main difference between the two is that the mod apk version gives players more gems and unlimited coins.
  • When players, play the original version, they will feel the irritation of waiting for getting gems and coins. These gems and coins are an important part of the game.

How to Install Clash Royale Modded APK V3.1.0?

Clash Royale MOD APK

The installation process of Clash Royale mod apk V3.1.0 is not difficult. Even though it is easy, people still don’t understand how they can download this interesting game.

Firstly, the user has to change his mobile settings, from the settings page, to enable installation from unknown sources. If the user skips this step, then the browser will never redirect to the installation page of the game.

This ‘enable installation’ option can be easily found in security settings.

When the installation is enabled, then the user should move to the next step.

Secondly, download the apk file of  Clash Royale mod apk V3.1.0, by clicking installation on the button that appears. Then the user has to locate the file on their smartphone. They will usually found such a file in the download section.

Thirdly, wait for the installation process to be over. The user should have a good internet connection so that this file can be installed. Installation doesn’t take much time, particularly if the internet connection is good. It is as easy as this! How to download, install an APK and fix related issues

Clash Royale MOD APK

Name Clash Royale
Publisher Supercell
Genre 3D, Online, Strategy
Latest Version 3.1.0
Size 100M
MOD Features Unlimited Gold/Gems
Platforms Android 4.1
Get It On Play Store

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The user has to just run the file now.

Many people are concerned whether the Mod APK file is safe or not. The app is safe, but the user has to find the right website to make sure they are downloading the original app.

There are many fake websites out there, which offer the user a Mod APK file. Gamers have to differentiate between an original and a copy one.

Another question that concerns Clash Royale mod apk V3.1.0 players is that they might get banned when playing this game. However, this is not something they should worry about, as it will not happen.

How to Get Gems in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale MOD APK

Without a doubt, the game does offer unlimited resources and gems. The developers of the game have noticed how not having any unlimited resources and gems, impact a player’s game.

In order to give players a really good playing experience, they have introduced unlimited resources and gems.

Before installing the game, the gamer should make sure that he has enough space on his smartphone. This game doesn’t take much space, but would surely increase as new levels are added and the game is updated.

For the ease of players, the installation process is so easy. All they have to do is get the right file on their smartphone, and they can start playing this addictive game within seconds.

If players don’t understand how to find the right version of the game on the internet, then they can talk to those players, who are already engrossed in this game.

When the player is done installing the game, he should make sure that the file was properly downloaded. At times, the internet connection stops in between, leaving the file, half downloaded.

Such an incomplete file won’t install on the smartphone, and the user will have to re-download it from the same website, they did before. Players should find a version, that lets them save the progress of their game. Not every mod version offers players the facility to save their progress.


Clash Royale mod apk has 15 playing arenas, which include the following:

  1. Tutorial Arena
  2. Training camp
  3. Goblin Stadium
  4. Bone Pit
  5. Barbarian Bowl
  6. E.K.K.A’s Playhouse
  7. Spell Valley
  8. Builders’s Workshop
  9. Royal Arena
  10. Frozen Peak
  11. Jungle Arena
  12. Hog Mountain
  13. Electro Valley
  14. Spooky Town
  15. Legendary Arena

When a player gets 4000 trophies, only then can he reach a league.

There are cards in this game, which are very important for players. The cards are represented in troops, buildings, and spells.

Before a game starts, the players stack up to eight cards, and then they use these cards to defeat their opponent’s cards. Four cards at the start of the game are chosen at random, but this doesn’t include the Mirror card.

The players just don’t get cards. The cards cost them elixirs. The players have 5 elixir points when they start the game, and after every 2.8 seconds, the elixir point replenishes.

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[maxbutton id=”4″ text=”Download APK File” url=”” linktitle=”tooltip” window=”new” nofollow=”true”]

There are clans in this game. Players can either start up their own clans or join a clan. When a player joins a clan, then he can take part in battles as well. They can unlock the feature of trading cards or getting cards from their clanmates. This feature is available after the second level.

The Clan War feature was added to the game in the update of April 25, 2018. In this feature, five clans took part in a war, where they attacked each other. This way, they were able to get rewards at the end of the game, in the form of chests. The clan that won the most chests, won the clan war.

Those players who have won 4000 trophies, they get access to a league. There are nine leagues, include Challenger I and Ultimate Champion.

When the season ends, players get rewards based on what their league achieved.

To make things interesting for players, the game has quests. Players have to complete some tasks, to get rewards. When players start playing quests, then after every four hours, they get a reward.

To connect players from all around the world, the game brought a Clash Royale Crown Championship. The people who participated in this championship belonged to:

  • North America
  • Asia
  • Latin America
  • Europe

Clash Royale mod apk V3.1.0 is so popular that it has seen about 28 million participants, taking part in the championship, from all around the world. This goes to show that the game is really popular. Perhaps, it is popular because it really makes a person ponder over how they can win missions and complete their tasks. Clash Royale is a very thought-provoking game and is good for those who like to come up with strategies.


Clash Royale MOD APK

Those who have played Clash of Clans would love Clash Royale mod apk. The graphics of the game are very colorful. The game gives more of an art style vibe.

Gamers who have played this game would surely say that this game uplifts their mode. One of the things that excite players the most is that they get to collect cards, of different varieties.

Most players like to play games with one hand, in a portrait mode, and this game provides them with this feature. This means, that whether a person is commuting or just sitting in their room, they can easily play this game.

Clash Royale MOD APK

The most important thing is that this game makes a person think. Players think about how they are going to set up their magic cards. Those who love magic and spells, they would love this game as well.

Players, with the help of the spells available to them, can easily destroy towers, and their opponent’s base. These matches aren’t long, which means that a player doesn’t have to wait long to get their reward.

If players want to win more rewards, then they have to join the events and tournaments. These events and tournaments would help them become more experienced in the game.

They will be able to implement different battle ideas and become more of an expert at playing Clash Royale mod apk V3.1.0.

There are a few questions that players might have in their minds. Firstly, they can reset their Clash Royale account. They have to start a new game and connect Clash Royale mod apk V3.1.0 with a new email id.

Clash Royale MOD APK

The good news for players is that they don’t have to limit themselves to just smartphones. They can easily play Clash Royale mod apk on their PC. Firstly, they have to install an Android emulator and then follow the instructions that they see on the screen. When they have installed the emulator, they can install Clash Royale mod apk, and then drag it to the emulator.

Playing a game on a PC gives a different feeling. The player gets to see the game on a big screen, and this might help with coming up with different strategies, which are more effective.

This game can be played by a single person, or two players can compete against each other. If players are confused about which file to download, then they can always ask existing players.

Final Thought

Players should remember that when the chest slots become full, they still need trophies. Trophies are important because they define the rating of a player.

When a player gets a certain number of trophies, then they can unlock different battle arenas. This way, they can get more cards from their chests as well. To defeat the opponent, these cards can be used.

This game is all about gaining experience through different methods, and the player has to really invest time in this game. This game is worth all the hassle and effort. Players should definitely download Clash Royale mod apk, and benefit from the free stuff they get.


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