Batman VS Superman Who Will Win Android Game

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Batman vs Superman

Mankind faces a new threat as darkness falls on Gotham and Metropolis. A personal vendetta has been made, the side between Batman or Superman to set the record straight.

Race against time and go the distance. Dodge obstacles, collect power-ups and battle against your opponent.

Who Will Win is an endless runner and the Official Movie Game for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

  • Choose your character, play as Batman or Superman
  • Explore your environment within Gotham and Metropolis.
  • Control the Batmobile, or fly with Superman.
  • Collect free gifts when you go the distance.
  • Stunning graphics and gameplay.
  • Official Movie Sound Track and awesome sound effects.
  • A variety of power-ups and pickups to upgrade.


Region Specific Movie Information
New Turkish Language
Performance fixes and improvements to movement sensitivity.

  • Batman VS Superman


People don’t know what they’re talking about! The game performs fine for me so either it’s your phone or your internet (i have a Samsung galaxy prime by the way) I love this game (i prefer batman because superman’s cape it really distracting against the blue sky and it takes up 89% of the screen)
Good game, but… Sometimes, when I swipe my finger, the character does not move. Don’t know why. Please fix this. Moreover, the movie has also released so with your next update please remove that trailer thing. If these are fixed, then I’ll give you five stars, as well as, recommend this app to my friends. All the best!
Love it! I love endless runners like Temple Run and Sonic Dash, so this great for me. I also love the movie so it was a must download for me. And while it shares the name and has only two characters from the film, that is where all similarities end. A fun game to play a quick run and just try to beat your high score. Recommended.
Love it BUT! Upgrade the swipe, lot of glitches, make the sensitivity max, but other than that it’s fine. I scored 7,890, and kinda improve the game because the title and the characters don’t fit when they just hit by a car, would Superman be defined just by hitting a car? No I don’t think so, make the game look like temple run, like the monkey who chases you is doomsday, now that’s fun! :D, improve it and take my advice Warner brothers. The no 1 I want u to upgrade is the sensitivity! Make it really sensitive

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