All of 40 WhatsApp Features, Tips And Tricks You Should Know

Whatsapp is arguably one of the most messaging platforms, it has over one billion users who send messages, and communicating over voice around the world. The company was bought by Facebook and the app is completely free to use.Whatsapp has released a lot of updates, which makes the messaging and chats more interesting and easier to use.


We are going to look at the best 40 features of whatsapp.

All of 40 WhatsApp Features

  • Send a single message to multiple people at once: This feature is known as broadcasting, it let’s you send a single message to many people at the same time. All you have to do is, click on menu, select ‘new broadcast’, you will get an option to send the same message to multiple people by adding the contacts in the recipient list.
  • Format your text: you can put your text in the manner you want, in Bold, Italics,e.t.c. just use the special character before and after the word to get what you want.e.g, use asterisk for bold *hello*, Underscore for italics _hello_.
  • Minimize data when using whatsapp on mobile network: If you are roaming, your data is slow and expensive, you can reduce the consumption by choosing what you want to automatically download. You can select to download video, or photo while roaming.
  • Mute chats and groups: If you get a lot of messages from a contact or group, you can mute the group or contact so that you stop getting alert from the group or contact.
  • Control your privacy: If you don’t want to show anyone on your contact list that you use whatsapp, you can remove your ‘last seen’ option from showing up on their scree.Go to settings, you’ll find it in the privacy option.
  • Share documents: Whatsapp now allows you to share and receive documents as well. PDF, Excel and Word documents can now be shared.
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  • Stop auto download of photos and videos: This enables you to save your data as you can now disable automatic download of photos and videos. Just go to settings, under data usage, you’ll see the settings.
  • Add dates to your calendar: This particular feature is not yet available to all devices, it is available in just iPhones.
  • Add shortcuts to the home screen for individual chats: If you constantly chat with few friends or you are constantly sharing posts in a particular group, you can save yourself the time of going to whatsapp by adding these groups or contacts to home screen. Get to the contact you want to add to home screen, select ‘add chat shortcut’ from the menu.
  • Use Whatsapp on your PC: To do this, go to and scan the QR code on the screen with your mobile from settings and whatsapp web. After this, your entire whatsapp chat will display on your browser.
  • Sending messages to yourself: Most times you just need to check a message before dispatching them out to your contacts. Just create a whatsapp group add just one friend and then delete him or her, now you are alone in the group. When you now send the message, it gets to just you.
  • Transfer files between mobile and P.C: Though this is not fully functional, you can still transfer files from phone to P.C and P.C to phone. Simply send media file or document to yourself.
  • Disable notification Preview: This feature enables you to protect your chat. In order to achieve this, Go to phone’s settings, and disable notifications for Whatsapp. If you do this, messages will be getting to your WhatsApp, but there would be no notifications.
  • Make voice calls: With this feature, you can now call your contacts that are on WhatsApp without using your airtime. This is quite amazing, but you will definitely experience the delay in the voice.
  • Quote messages within chats: Whatsapp introduced this feature lately. If you are in a WhatsApp group that has huge contacts, or in a long conversation with someone, you can reference a particular message you are replying to quotes. Long press on the message and you will see reply option popup, those using Android will see an arrow Icon on the top left, click on reply and the quoted message will appear as box along with your reply.
  • Block Spam and unwanted people: Sometimes, you get messages from unknown contacts, or advertisers, or spam messages with adverts and promotions. Just mark them as spam.Open the message and you’ll have2 options, ‘add to contacts and spam’ choose accordingly.
  • Make video Calls: Whatsapp now enables its users to make video calls. This enables you to see the video of the person you are chatting with at the go. Select the contact, tap the video icon, and that’s all.
  • Send Different emojis: This feature has always been there but there is more to it than many people know. Just long press the emoji you like, more will come up, then select the one you like.
  • Upload videos as status: Initially one could only update pictures as status, but now, you can upload your videos, though it has to come in small sizes.
  • Whatsapp always works on their features just to give amazing interface and user experience and we will keep on seeing better and better features as time unfolds.

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