The Best Adventure android games for you by google android device you should play in 2018 but is this game came on google play now? not focused for yet, When you focus on the 2018 games you may be liked, I’m Glad to write an article on this topic, I have listed down some top best adventure Android games you should play in 2018…


Basically, this game much is like a million people to wanna play again to again. 

Here you’ll find all the attributes of the impeccable air hockey multiplayer game. Start playing against competitive opponents from easy to hard mode. Choose your favorite glow map from four different challenging hockey maps, get skilled to win the battles. Completely free to play, easy to start and hard to be the Hockey Master!

Color Hockey Android Game

Fast like a Fox

You are chosen to return them to their rightful owners. Control the Fox by tapping the back of your device and dash through exciting and challenging worlds. Rush your way through cloud temple, snow-covered valleys, mountain tops, fiery caves, subways and city highways await you! Find all coins, emeralds, and diamonds while breaking time records to get the best score.

Fast like a Fox Android Game You Should Play on Mobile Device


Alien Run

Join Daniel D’Alien on his greatest adventure! Earn FREE BITCOIN by playing new unique levels every day in this amazing runner game. Claim your rewards now! Play Daily Missions and the Adventure with hundreds of levels!


Alien Run For Android Game APKS



Jump across hazardous cliffs, flying islands, large boulders; dive in the air and land like a superhero as you try to beat the endless abyss.

  • In Sky Dancer, you take huge, exhilarating, impossible, action movie-style leaps-and pray you’ve got the skills to land on that platform far below.

    * The graphics and controls are beautifully minimalist, but what really gets you is pulling off impossible feats again and again.* Run as far as you can but watch out for the drop! Join our dancers and jumpers on this greatest space adventure of Sky Dancer!

Sky Dancer For Android Game

Adam and Eve 2

The length a guy will go to for true love, a bubble bath, and a good night’s sleep. Following the success of the first Adam and Eve game, award-winning BeGamer.com brings you another funny point and click adventure game. This time, Adam escapes captivity and wanders the forest so he can be reunited with Eve.

Adam and Eve 2 For Android Game




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