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Hey Guys… Well it has been a new year so why don’t we should try some new apps??? what do you think?


If you are also looking for new apps of iOS of 2018 like me then I’m telling you one thing that you are on right place, guys who are willing to try something new on your own hand than you should read rest.

Here I’ll tell you the top Most using apps in these days of the new year 2018. Here first we will talk about iOS apps which are mostly in trading these days, but Android user doesn’t be sad if you want to install Android Apps today just read this article (Android most wanted apps in the starting years of 2018).

Guys New Year begins, and New Apps are launched, so let’s take a view of some newly Apps for iOS Phones.

3 Top Rated, Most Wanted and New iOS Apps

VPN FREE, Private Browser with Betternet Hotspot


VPN FREE, a private browser with great hotspot and Betternet for iOS user. It helps to turn public WiFi into your personal account or network, it helps to make your IP address, and it also helps to encrypt your internet traffic. Read More: iPhone Application Development

If you are bored from some unnecessary sites so don’t need to get worried, VPN Free can block that sites as you wish, but if some websites are already blocked and you want to work on there so VPN Free also can unblock that sites for you… isn’t cool?


VPN Free is easy to use it is like the Onion Router if you are getting bored to use the incognito browser that just simply turn on VPN Free and secure you’re all Internet traffic and encrypt your all sites.


VPN Free also secure your WiFi, now don’t need to worry about your WiFi, VPN Free gives you complete security because all your online traffic is encrypted, no matter what’s hotspot you are trying to access VPN Free will shield you from public WiFi risk.

VPN Free, Features:

  • VPN Free, gives you complete privacy on your iOS device, just need to turn on the VPN setup and your all activities can no longer be tracked on the internet
  • VPN Free can block and unblock Apps and Website according to your wish
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  • VPN Free protect your WiFi like a shield, with VPN Free you can sleep overnight and day without taking any insecurity about your websites because hackers enabling to connect your website via HTTPS. Now use your apps, sites without any fear of hacker… Make your iOS device save.
  • Fast Speed, as we
  • know some of the cleaners can make slow the speed of our mobile phones, but with VPN
  • Free it will not make your phones hacked or will not delay opening because VPN Free have fast ever speed.

Here’s Download Link

Are you guys ready to try VPN Free, so click on the link below:

Play Store


Are you getting bored using Bluetooth? well, I’m bored, so here is SHAREit, where you can share anything with anyone without using Bluetooth. why we use Bluetooth when the internet is providing us fastest app than the Bluetooth. it is also faster than iOS’s personal Bluetooth.



SHAREit Features:



  • SHAREit can transfer any type of files, like videos, audios, word documents, pictures and list on and on…)
  • SHAREit is one of the fast ever App in the world. it is 150+ times faster than Bluetooth of any device, and it doesn’t damage the quality of the files, means transfer your files without damaging quality in meantime with a faster way.
  • SHAREit just not helping to share your files but it is also providing excellent Video Player, can discover music which is in trading continuously updated your iOS device and provide Amazing Music.

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Guys if you wanna Share something with anyone free and fastly than I would like to recommend you SHAREit. You can download this link from here:



LISTENit is a platform where you can get the perfect Audio player and Media Player, and guess what! over 196000+ have been joined LISTENit within 7 days and it has over 12,000,000+ fans from last year, you can enjoy Best Music Experience with LISTENit, it provides the higher quality of sound effects. It is a LOCAL Music Player but can fulfill your all demands.

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LISTENit Features:

  • LISTENit browse all files from variety of local sources like SD card folders, Gallery app, ID3 tags, you can create your own favorite list
  • LISTENit is designed to fulfill your all various demands, it has Equalizer with Bass Boost, 23 Equalizer present, 3D reverb and so on…
  • LISTENit has a great Night mode so your eyes being protected
  • LISTENit supports headset control
  • LISTENit supports all media files like MP3, MP4, OGG, MIDI, AAC FLAC and much more.


If you interested in LISTENit and wanna try this app just click on the link below:


Hope you have been enjoyed these new apps on your iOS device…

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