+3 Great & Top Rated Education Games of Android

Having difficulty to educate your children??? Do not get worried, as we all know that Education is the first brick to build our successful life, and it a successful person is great ever Asset of the nation. Today life is going much faster then we think so getting basic knowledge is a little bit difficult but Android is helping to get the knowledge to out new generation child. Here I’ll tell you the Top Rated Education Games of Android, where you can enjoy with your children and guide them in a funny way.

+3 Great & Top-Rated Education Games of Android

1. Math Kids – Add Subtract, Count and Learn

Math subject, where every child is thinking that it is much difficult to count and understand the rule of Addition and subtraction but tell your child that it is not much harder then they think,

Math Kids is a Free learning game of Android designed to teach the basic numerical status to a young child. It has the great graphic of funny cartoon characters.


  • Math Kids is helping to count the objects
  • Math Kids is helping to build their skills in comparing the group of items
  • Math Kids had a great way to find the subtracted number
  • Math Kids had a game Adding Quiz where Child learn addition skills

2. Preschool Games For Kids

Here is another Top Rated Education Game of Android, Preschool Games for Kids. Preschool Games contain lots of skills, here children can learn Spelling skills, Shapes knowledge, Coloring ways, Counting and much more…


Preschool Games is a complete package to learn basics of the educations. Preschool Games offer their younger stars a great variety of the graphic with 8 different Education learning Games.


  • Game for toddlers, Starting words to learn reading and spelling.
  • Shape sorting game
  • Coloring Skills
  • Drawing Tool, where children can learn to draw basic shapes
  • Education for Kindergarten kids
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade learning games

3. Balloon Pop Kids Learning Game – Free for babies


Okay so another Top Rated Education for Android App, Balloon Pop Kids Learning game especially for Babies, Balloon and Babies are the best friends ever all child feels very rich when they have more than one balloon here Android helping the child to be happy and learn the basic education as the same time.


  • Balloon pop had 14 different games
  • Balloon Pop games have 5 different languages for different children of the Nation
  • Helping to learn Counting, Alphabets, turning into funny Popping Balloon
  • Colorful Balloon with Musical Notes
  • Balloon Pop game has puzzles of cute cartoon characters, and Memory game to increase the skills of Memory of the children
  • Funny and colorful Monster game to increase the imagination power

4. Memory Game – Animals

Memory is one of the great rewards for all of us so why our children deprived of this pleasant? Here Android presents one of the most Top rated Education game for our younger generation to remind them the name of the objects, Memory Game helps to remind the name of the Animals in selected languages.



  • Learn Animals name in 40 different foreign language
  • Memory Game – Animals contain more than 140 Animals pictures with their sounds
  • There are 3 difficulty levels
  • Support Google Game to save scores
  • HD pictures

And the most important these all TOP RATED EDUCATION GAMES are free app.

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