3+ Best Flash Emoji Keyboards & Themes for Android 2018

Emojis are the best way to show someone our face impressions, feelings at moment, without showing faces. Flash Emoji Keyboard is one of the best and free app for Android users, it helps us to show fast face impressions with a great theme. Today’s there are more than +3000 Flash Keyboards having great themes, lovely and meaningful stickers, Lenny face, emoticon, and of course great emoji.

So if you are bored with plain and ugly emojis? Then you should read the rest article here you will find 3+ Best Flash Emoji Keyboards & Themes that will make your chatting more interesting and funny. Hope you will find your type of keyboard.

3+ Best Flash Emoji Keyboards & Themes for Android 2017

  1. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard – Cute Emoji, Theme, and Sticker
  2. GO Keyboard Pro – Swipe Faster
  3. RainbowKey Keyboard
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  5. FancyKey Keyboard – Cool Fonts and Emojis


1- Facemoji Emoji Keyboard – Cute Emoji, Theme, and Sticker

First centric Android Keyboard, +3500 Emojis, emoticons, stickers, GIFs images and much more The Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is one of the best ever app for Android it contains more than our expectations. It helps us to make our chatting spicy doesn’t matter which social theme you are using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram Messenger and more…

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  • Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is funnier App because here you can change your own face into animated.
  • You can personalize your Keyboard+Theme according to your wish.
  • It gives smart inputs and fast typing.
  • It is completely secure and will not use your personal information without your permission.

2. GO Keyboard Pro – Swipe Faster

Google Play provides more productive Emoji Keyboard ever for Android users, you can personalize it as you want, more than 150 million users use GO Keyboard Pro to personalize their emojis keyboards, here you can find more than +1000 different Themes, and you can make thousands of your personal Themes by using your Gallery Photos, You can swipe your typing speed by just open swipe mood.


  • You can speed up your typing by using GO Keyboard Pro’s swipe mood.
  • Get new Smileys Emojis with a huge number of Fonts and Theme with Android 7.0 Nougat.
  • It makes your Chatting Perfect on any of the Social Media.
  • GO Keyboard Pro is also known as Personalization Expert.
  • Having more than +25 Languages.

3. RainbowKey Keyboard

RainbowKey Keyboard is top Rated and one of the favorite Keyboard on Google Play, it is the Master of Free Personalization Themes. RainbowKey Keyboard provides their user tons of Fonts based on Unicode, 1000 of GIF Images, Set your Gallery image as the background of your Keyboard, Smart Auto corrections, Gesture Typing with dynamic effects and more than +30 languages.


  • All-in-One Keyboard
  • Multiple languages
  • Auto-correction
  • Swipe Mood available
  • Different Fonts
  • Great and Funny Emojis

4. FancyKey Keyboard – Cool Fonts and Emojis

FancyKey Keyboard iOS third Party keyboard is now available for Android phones and everyone loves it, it is one the top rated App for Android. It has +3100 Emojis provide great customization, Auto correction, and the ton of different art.


  • More than 50 different Theme to choose
  • More than 70 funky fonts
  • 50 different typing sounds
  • Multiple typing effects
  • Available more than 50 languages.

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