Top Shopify apps for Sales Featured by Shopify platform

Being an eCommerce platform, Shopify also features many business management tools. The best Shopify apps empower your digital solutions with the next level of functionality.

Top Shopify apps

The functionality of any web store can easily be extended with the help of 1 or even more Shopify apps. But it is well known, that Shopify is a global e-Commerce platform with more than 1000 apps in it. Each of the apps has its own functionality and aim, but all of them are directed at improvement of the customer’s sales.

So how to choose software that would prove to be the best Shopify apps for defined business?

From this article, the reader may find out short information about considerable Shopify apps for the sales, marketing, shipping and customer service, that are the best.

Top Shopify apps for Sales featured by Shopify platform

Happy Email

The first position among top Shopify apps belongs to the app that allows integration of Happy Email account with Shopify.

With its help the seller can automatically add customers to an email account, promote the store and create target email campaigns.

Entering as well as exiting the e-shop certain page, the customer will also be suggested to subscribe to the newsletters, find out about special prices or discounts etc. Popup Shopify app increases customer’s interest significantly.

Sales Pop

The positive picture of the e-shop might also be built with the help of application, that displays proofs of purchases. The customer gets the information about other people’s purchases, and that motivates him to buy some items, too.  


Store’s daily visitors can turn to the real customers with the help of mobile application from Shopify – SellMob. With the optimization of the mobile version of the seller’s web site for customer’s needs, the increase in sales can be noticed.

Product Reviews

This Shopify application provides the opportunity to easily review a certain product on the e-store. It is completely customized and simple, so one can almost intuitively get to know how it works.

  • Bulk Discounts & Sales Scheduler

This application for mobile devices brings the opportunity to keep the hand on a pulse of the upcoming sales in the store. The owners of the shops can set up the dates and short information about any discount by themselves, and get the notification a few days before it.

Boost Sales

Setting up apps from Shopify top list does not require any special technical skills, and Boost Sales plugin is one of them. The tool helps to create up-sell and cross-sell offers, and encourages the customer to buy more.


This application was developed for customers to write reviews in the easiest way.

Here should be mentioned a very considerable thing: Yotpo application generates 3 times more customer reviews and feedbacks than ANY other Shopify app from the top 10 list with similar features.


This plugin became more popular among users probably because of a recent rise of the social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Customer’s eye is more susceptible to high-quality graphical media than to a dry text.  

InstaBadge app helps to create badges foritems that are on sale in the e-shop. These badges are actually grabbing all of the customer’s attention.

Pre-Order Manager

Shopify Pre-Order Manager has already been installed more than 20000 times!

This application allows selling even the products which are out of stock at the moment. Customer goes through a procedure of order immediately and gets the product when it’s back in stock again.

Essential Shopify apps for various purposes

The list of some essential Shopify apps can continue with tens and tens of items, as Shopify platform is full of the amazing web services. Here are additional plugins, that sellers should definitely install to see their sales ideas really work.

Best Shopify app for Marketing – Sweet tooth

  • Customer is able to earn points for each purchase to get the discount, to acquire the membership for some special offers etc.

Best Shopify app for Shipping – Aftership


  • The app allows to track shipping,
  • Customers can view their order status,
  • There is an option of automatic notifications.

Best Shopify app for Customer Service – Facebook Chat


  • The application helps to get closer to the customer’s personal life through the Facebook account,
  • This essential app from Shopify is completely free.

Shopify tools are crucial elements to success of the e-shop business. These applications increase sales, optimize work and attract new customers.

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