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In the previous chapter we have discussed natural radioactivity in which a and B particles and y-rays are emitted from the disintegrating nucleus of an atom. In nuclear fission and fusion reactions neutrons and other particles together with certain radiations are emitted from the nucleus. Moreover interaction of high energy particles *natural or artificial* with matter produce certain nuclear or atomic reactions with the emission of particles like protons,Deuteronomy,neutrons and ionizing radiations 閱讀更多 [...]


INTRODUCTION :- for the detection or measurement of electric current potential difference, and resistance certain instruments have been devised viz the galvanometer for the detection of small currents or measurements of small currents of the order of micro amperes or millionaires the voltmeter of potentiate for the measurements of potential difference (or voltage) between two points of a cur-cit or the emf of a source the ammeter for the measurements of large currents the Wheatstone bridge the meter 閱讀更多 [...]


Petroleum and it,s definition and introduction... Latin petra =rock,oleum=oil means sock oil. It is usually found below the surface of earth.it is viscous liquid and mixture of alkane,alkene,cycloalkane,aromatic hydrocarbons and some inorganic compounds therefore it is called crude oil. Crude oil is drilled out from the soil and carried to oil refineries by means of oil tanker and pipelines. It is fraction ally distilled. Gasoline or petrol is a mixture of hexane(C6H14).since the demand of 閱讀更多 [...]

Homologous series and characteristics of homologous series

Homologous series and characteristics of homologous series Definition; Series of organic compounds which have same functional group, similar structural feature but differ from each other by integer number of CH2(methylene group) is called "Homologous series". The number of homologous series differs by molecular mass 14. Characteristics of Homologous series: 1. All numbers of homologous series have similar structures. 2. Physical properties of homologous series change progressively more than 閱讀更多 [...]

保利馬努 | Merious部分 | 單位分子 |聚合

保利馬努,merious部件或單元或分子,許多分子聚合鏈接. 其中含雙鍵或三鍵的有機化合物進行化學反應以這樣的方式,大量的更小的分子連接在一起形成非常大的分子較小的分子加在一起被稱為單體和它們產生大分子被稱為聚合物和這整個過程中現象被稱為 "聚合". 聚合類型: 有兩種類型的聚合. 1.addition 閱讀更多 [...]


你想筆記本電腦設備共享你藍牙手機連接. 如藍牙就像是無線位在允許您連接設備等沒有得到重視自然也是他們的電纜. 首先,你必須筆記本電腦和手機也. 看到這個圖片. 到藍牙設備連接到您的電腦,您需要先配對,並進入設置的魅力. 你的筆記本電腦自動搜索藍牙設備. 等待片刻後,藍牙設備將現身. Now this tab show in your laptop 閱讀更多 [...]


如何連接互聯網計算機和筆記本. 首先,你必須電腦,你想展示wifi上網,連接wifi上網. 其可能的第一台電腦使用無線互聯網一個USB擺在您的計算機,然後顯示在您的計算機無線互聯網. 我全教電腦和筆記本如何連接互聯網. 現在,你希望你的筆記本使用WIFI上網. 筆記本電腦已經推將USB插入系統. 在一次側首先點擊桌面圖標. You click to connect and put 閱讀更多 [...]