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An He ,receptor antagonist drug that promotes healing of peptic ulcers and reduces inflammation of the esophagus (see esophagi). defamation acts by suppressing production of stomach acid. side effects are uncommon but may include headaches and dizziness.

Francois anemia

A rare type of a plastic anemia (see anemia a plastic) in which the bone marrow which normally make all of the type of blood cells produces abnormally low members of the cell.

Francois syndrome

A rare kidney disorder that usually occurs in childhood. In Francois syndrome various important chemicals such as amino acids phosphate,calcium and potassium are lost in the urine the result of these losses include failure to thrive stunting of growth and bone disorders such as rickets.


possible causes include several rare inherited abnormalities of body chemistry and an adverse reaction to certain drugs such as tetracycline that have passed thereuse bythat. If an underline chemical abnormality is detected and can be corrected the affected child my resumed normal growth.. Alternative a kidney transplant my be possible.


An occupational disease affecting the lungs of farm workers. Farmer’s

lung is a type of allergic alveolars, in which affected people develop hypersensitivity (an excessive reaction of the immune system) to certain mounds or fungi that grow on hay, grain, or straw. The causative organisms thrive in warm, damp condition, and outbreaks are most common in areas of high rainfall.


Symptoms typically develop about six hours after exposure to dust containing fungal spores. They include shortness of breath, headache, fever, and muscle aches. In acute attacks, the symptoms last for about a day.. Repeated exposure to spores may lead to a chronic form or the disease, causing permanent scarring of lung tissue.


Diagnosis of farmers lung may involve a chest X-ray pulmonary function test, and blood test for a specific antibody to the fungus. Contortionist drugs relieve symptoms of the condition. Father exposure to the spores of the fungus should be avoided. Complete recovery is likely if that disease is diagnosed before permanent lung damage has occurred.


Fibrous connective tissue that surrounds many structures in the body, one layer of the tissue, known as the superficial fascia, envelops the entire body just beneath the skin, another layer the deep fascia, encloses muscles, forming a sheath for individual muscles and separating them into groups, it also holds in place soft organs such as the kidneys.

Thick fascia in the palm of the hand and sole of the foot have cushioning protective function.


Spontaneous, irregular, and usually continual contractions of a muscle that is apparently at rest, unlike the contractions of fibrillation, fasciculation is visible through the skin, minor fasciculation, such as that occurring in the eyelids, is common and is no cause for concern. However persistent fasciculation with weakness in the affected muscle indicates damage to the nerves cells in the spine nerve fibers that connect the spinal nerves to the muscle, motor neuron disease is one such disorder fascitis Inflammation of a layer of fascia causing pain and tenderness, fascistic is usually the result of straining or injuring the fascia surrounding muscle it most commonly affects the sole of the foot, the condition may occur in people who suffer from singalong tonsillitis or those with rater syndrome. treatment of fascitis involves resting the affected area and protecting it from pressure. A local injection of a stereoscopic drug may be given, fascitis is part of a widespread disorder of the joints, treatment of this condition will generally improve symptoms.

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