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What is PHP? How PHP is Used in WordPress?

Written by mujeer

what is php ?

so guys i am asim mahesar web developer . today i am telling you what is php , how php works, so see this hole artical , so lets see.

first i am telling you what is php .

php is a server side scripting langauge which is used to create dynamic web pages and applications ..

like e- commerce web page,

so now i am telling you how php works see down points and understand .

whats you need in php see.

  1. web server >>>> online work

  2. data base >>>>> transition – login – shopping – send data base to store .

  3. text editor >>>>> dream weaver – not pad++ – not pad .

  4. php >>>>>> softwere .

the most important commands of php.

*** pre-defined veriables ***

$_ post





*** special commands ***

  1. mysql

  2. include

  3. sessions


*** veribles ***

$ pak =”pakistan”



*** operators ***



= =

! =

l l or

$ $ and

*** conditional & logical operators ***

if, else , else if , switch loops

while, for, do while

this is php sign


echo or print “wikiwon!”;


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