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The two Fallopian tubes attach to the upper part of the uterus one on each side. their funnel-shaped ends lie lose to, but not touching the ovaries to receive released eggs. The Fallopian tubes transport eggs to the uterus if there is damage to or blockage of the Fallopian tubes, the passage of the eggs from the ovary to the uterus may be impeded so that there is inability to conceive.


Falls may simply be accidents which are commonly the result of obstructions on the ground (such as loose floor coverings), or they may be caused by medial problems, various medical conditions that are common in elderly people increase the risk of falls Examples of such conditions are poor sight walking disorders, cardiac arrhythmia (an irregular heartbeat) hypo-tension ( low blood pressure), and Parkinson’s disease (a movements tranquilizer drugs may also increase the risk of falls. Falls sometimes herald the onset of a serious illness such as pneumonia.

Weakness of the muscles that support the arches of the foot sustain the egg and sperm encouraging fertilization to take place and nourish the egg until it reaches the uterus.


One of the two tubes that extend from the uterus to each ovary. The Fallopian tube transports eggs and sperm and is where fertilization take place.


The funnel-shaped Fallopian tube is about 10 cm long. It open into the uterus at one end. The other end which divided into fibrillate (finger like projections), lies close to the ovary the tube has muscular walls lined by cells with cilia (hair like projections)


The fibrillate take up the egg after if is expelled from the ovary. The beating cilia and muscular contractions propel the egg towards the uterus, after sexual intercourse, sperm swim up the Fallopian tube from the uterus the lining of the tube and its secretions sustain the egg and sperm encouraging fertilization to take place and nourish the egg until it reaches the uterus.


The Fallopian tube may become inflamed, usually as a result of a bacterial sexually transmitted infection (see pelvic inflammatory disease) this can in some cases lead to an embryo outside the uterus is another serious disorder that most commonly occurs in a Fallopian tube. This arises when there is a delay in the passage of the fertilized egg along the tube, usually as a result of scarring or blockage. Implantation occurs in the Fallopian tube wall, but it is too thin to sustain growth and as the pregnancy progresses the tube may rupture and cause internal bleeding, the pregnancy must be terminates.


Broken bones are a common complication of falls especially in woman. Not only do woman have more falls, but they are also more likely to suffer fractures because the strength of their bones may be reduced through osteoporosis loss of bone density.

Falls may sometimes have serious indirect consequences in elderly people. Anyone who falls and lies on the floor for more than an hour, especially if it is cold, may develop hypothermialow body temperatureA fall or the fear of falling, can also have adverse psychological effects causing a once active person to become demoralized and housebound….


Falls may be prevented by taking common-sense measures such as ensuring that floors are free of clutter good lighting is available suitable, footwear is worn, floor coverings and wiring are safe, and handrails are secure. For elderly people who live alone, personal alarms are available that can be worn round the neck at all times, in the event of a fall the alarm button can be pressed to summon help.

False Negative

A test result that wrongly suggests that a particular disease or condition is not present. For example a false negative mammography result is one that suggests breast tissue is healthy when in fact a breast cancer is present.

False positive

A test result that wrongly suggests that a certain disease or condition is presents. For example a false positive mammography result appears to reveal a breast cancer but subsequent tests do not fine any evidence of disease.

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