How to connect Internet in computer and laptop High best tips

How to connect internet in computer and laptop.

First you have computer and you want show the wifi internet and connect the wifi internet.

Its possible first computer use wifi internet one USB put in your computer then show your computer WIFI internet.

I full teach you how to internet connect in computer and laptop.

Now you want your laptop use WIFI internet.

Laptop have already putted the USB into system.

First click desktop icon in time side.

You click to connect and put your WIFI password.

If you want to connect automatically the wifi password come so choose the software and see the result.

Click to WIFI single then put the password.

Show this result because your laptop processing and check your password is correct or no.

Then your computer and laptop see your passwords is correct so show this result.

Now this is result

But your internet show in your desktop and do not show in google.

See this result.

But you don’t worry its problem solve the solution.

You click your WIFI Internet and put your correct password.

Your Internet show in google and all web browsers.


You have successfully……

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