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Буржоазија у француској револуцији у 1789

The Bourgeoisie Nearly all the leaders of the revolution were drawn from the numerically small class of thebourgeoisiewhich included merchants, traders, industries, lawyers, doctors and other professional groups….

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Egypt and the Western powers in Europe and the third world (1953-1968)

Egypt and the Western powers in Europe While Britain was forging alliances in the Middle East she had also to face the new situation in Egypt. Sooner after the fall

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Европа и трећи светски рат (1953-1968) | Ерупеан

Europe and the third world war 1953_1968 By 1953 снаге национализма, који је убрзао нестанак великих европских империја у Азији, were spreading to other parts

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The Nobility in The French Revolution in (1789) | The Socialist Party of Great Britain

A striking feature of French society before the Revolution was the absence of any real unity among the wealthy and privileged. The bourgeoisie envied and detested the nobility, which in

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The Army in The French revolution in 1789

The Army A vital support of any despotic monarchy must be its armed forces, but the French army in 1789 was far from being the reliable instrument of the monarchy

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The Peasant culture facts, information | Pedestrianization of France during the French Revolution ulture

Conditions of French society before The revolution. The peasantry. At the time of the revolution in the peasantry numbered about 23,000,000 in a total population of 25,000,000. In some district’s

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ЕНГЛЕСКА романтизма и викторијанског доба (чланак) Вики неће рећи| Тхе Нев Енгланд Романтизам

Романтиц покрет, which originated in Germany but quickly spread, достигао Америку око годину 1820. Романтичне идеје углавном повезане са духовним и естетских димензија природе, and the importance

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