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Dizzy spells and feeling faint are common problem Causes include low blood sugar, drinking too much alcohol, or simply getting up to quickly. Feeling faint may also be due to emotional shock or panic, or may occur in pregnancy. An occasional attend rarely a cause for concern, but sometimes the problem is due to an underlying condition or to certain drugs.


Make an appointment to see your doctor if,

  • You are taking a prescribed medicine that may be causing the problem such as drugs for high blood pressure or tranquilizers.


There are several things you can do to help you get over a faint or dizzy spell quickly.

  • Keep your head down on you knees or your feet raised and try to control you berating (see practical technique, below.
  • If it has been several hours since you last ate, eat or drink sugary snack.
  • Don’t drink caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea or cola or alcohol and don’t smoke, as all of these can make your symptoms worse.
  • Don’t try to drive or operate machinery until you are completely recovered.


Arrange to see your doctor if,

  • You don not recover promptly from an episode of dizziness or feeling faint.

  • You have repeated episodes of feeling faint or dizzy or you develop any other symptoms.


If you feel faint or dizzy, sit down and put your head on your knees. Alternatively lie down and raises your legs on a chair or cushion try to keep calm because fast breathing (hyperventilating) and anxiety can make symptoms worse. breathe slowly and deeply. Open a window or go out into fresh air if you feel steady on your feet, Helping Blood Flow,

Lean forward and put your head down to improve the blood flow to your brain.


Seek immediate medical help if you are dizzy or faint and have,

  • Diabetes.
  • Chest pain or palpitations.
  • Weakness in your arms or legs, slurred speech, or blurred vision.


Avoiding dizzy spells combine these steps with any treatment from your doctor to help prevent further attacks.

  • Avoid hot and stuffy environments, have a window open or go out into fresh air from time to time.
  • don’t get up suddenly after lying down or sitting.
  • Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.
  • Eat regularly, have healthy snack, such as fruit, between meals to keep your blood sugar level steady.
  • Try to avoid straining on the toilet, as this can cause a drop in blood pressure and make you feel faint.
  • If you are pregnant, don’t stand for long periods or lie flat on your back.

This problem is common is elderly people, in those with diabetes emeritus and in those taking anti hypertensive drugs or dilatory drugs.


In most cases recovery from fainting occurs when normal blood flow to the brain is restored. This restoration usually happens within minutes because loss of consciousness results in the person falling into a lying position, which restores the flow of blood to the brain.

Medical attention is required in cases of prolonged unconsciousness or repeated attacks of fainting. For self-help tips for feeling dizzy of faint, see box above.


One of the causes of flat-feet fallen arches can develop as a result of probability of falling is due to a gradual slowing down of reflex actions and elderly person who trips is frequently too slow to prevent a fall.

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