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Fish Oil A product occurring naturally in some species of oily fish, such as mackerel. Fish-oil preparations, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, are used as lipid-lowering drugs. Fissure A cleft or groove, which can be either normal or abnormal. A dental fissure is a naturally occurring defect in the enamel of a tooth in which tooth decay commonly arises. The Sylvian fissure is one of the deep folds that separate the temporal lobe of the brain from the frontal and parietal lobes. An anal fissure is a tear occurring the anal canal. Fissure sealant A substance that is bonded to the biting surface of a tooth to seal any naturally occurring fissures in the enamel and to help prevent tooth decay. Treatment with fissure sealant may be offered as a preventive measure to children whose molar teeth have recently emerged eruption of teeth. Fistula An abnormal passage leading from an internal organ to the body surface or connecting two organs. Fistulas may rarely be congenital or they may be acquired as a result of tissue damage. Congenital types of fistulas include fistulas, racial fistulas, and thyroglossal fistulas. Acquired fistulas may result from infection, injury, or cancer. Fistulas between the intestine and the skin may occur in the inflammatory bowel conditions these fistulas may allow the intestinal contents to escape to the skin through an opening, in which case they are known as fecal fistulas. Fistulas of the urinary tract, which open from the urethra or bladder to the perineum, may be the result of radiotherapy to the pelvis, or they are caused by a difficult childbirth. Such fistulas may cause leakage of urine or urinary tract infection. Certain types of an arteriovenous fistula between an artery and a vein are surgically constructed to provide ready access to the circulation in people who are having dialysis.


Identifying the cause of a fistula, and treating it if possible, is the first line of action. Some types os fistula close spontaneously but most need surgery. In fecal fistulas, a temporary colostomy may be necessary to divert faces away from the affected area.~`~


The capacity for performing physical activities without exhaustion. Fitness depends on strength the ability to exert force fro pushing, pulling, lifting flexibility (the ability to bend, stretch, and twist through a full range of movements) and endurance (the ability to maintain a certain amount of efforts for a certain period of time)


Cardiovascular fitness is the precondition for all other forms of fitness, for this reason, regular aerobic exercise, which makes the body’s use of oxygen more efficient, is the basis of any fitness program. Specific activities such as weight training or yoga can help to develop strength and flexibility when included in a program. Although fitness training has cumulative effects that build up over many months the effects are specific to the muscles used and the ways in which they are used. A variety of activities is therefore necessary to achieve overall fitness.


When the body is fit, the maximum work capacity and endurance are increased. A fit person has a etter chance of avoiding coronary artery disease as well as of preventing the effects of aging and chronis disease. The strenght, endurance and efficiency of the heart is also increased by exercise. A fit heart pumps 25 per cent more blood per minute when at rest and over 50 per cent more blood per minute during physical then unfit heart. A fit peron’s heart normally beats 60 za 70 times a minute, an unfit person’s heart beats 80 za 100 times per minutes.

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