Finger-joint Replacement | Fingerprint | First Aid Treatment

A surgical procedure in which on or more artificial joints (made of metal, plastic or silicone rubber) are used to replace finger joint that has been destroyed by disease, usually by osteoarthritis.

How it is done

Usually, several finger joints are treated at the same time. An incision is made to expose the joint, the ends of the two diseased bones in the joint are cut away, along with diseased cartilage, an artificial joint is then inserted into the bone ends. The finger is immobilized in a splint until the wound has healed. After about ten days, the dressings are removed and the patient is encouraged to exercise the fingers and resume normal activities.


Finger-joint replacement is usually successful in relieving arthritic pain and enabling the patient to use his or her hands again. však, it rarely restores normal movement.


An impression

n that is left on the surface by the pattern of fine curved ridges on the skin of the fingertip. These ridges occur in four pattern, looks, arches, whorls, and compounds, (which are combinations of the other three). No two people have the same fingerprints.

First Aid

The immediate treatment of any injury or sudden illness before professional medical care can be provided. The first aid consists of treating minor injuries and burns, and the fraction. Sometimes, však, emergency life-saving first aid treatment may be needed. The aims of first aid treatment in an emergency are to preserve life, to protect the individual from further harm, to provide reassurance to make the victim comfortable, to arrange for medical help, and to find out as much as possible about the circumstances of the accident of injury. Various techniques can be used to achieve these aims. For example the recovery position help to maintain an open airway in an unconscious person who is breathing. Recure breathing is necessary if a person is not breathing. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is essential if a person is not breathing and has no heartbeat. Heavy bleeding which can result in shock, may be controlled by applying pressure at appropriate pressure points, For first aid essentials.

First Aid Treatments

For illustrated boxes showing first-aid techniques see anaphylactic shock, bits, (for human and animal bits) bleeding *for severe bleeding and embedded object* Burns (for severe and minor burns) cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR for adults, children, and infants) chemicals in the eyes choking (in adult, children and infants) Convulsions (for febile convulsions) figure-fo-eight bandages features (for arm and leg fractures) hand and foot bandages head injury insect stings, poisoning (for poisonous bites and stings and allowed poisons) recovery position (for adults children, and infants) rescue breathing (for adults, children and infants) resuscitation (for ABC of resuscitation) seizures, shock, Spain injury, sprains, (for sprains and strains) tic bites.

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