верхний 5 Крупные города в Индии

Вводить: India is one of the largest cities in the world with a population of 1,173,108,018 (июль 2010 estimate). Formally it is called as Republic of India and occupies most of the Indian subcontinent in the southern portion of Asia. India is one of the largest democratic country along with China, and of the most fastest growing countries. But is still considered as a developing country. Basically India is a fascinating country with lots of cities, towns and villages housing a great diversity Прочитайте больше [...]

Европа и третья мировая война (1953-1968) | Erupean

Europe and the third world war 1953_1968 By 1953 силы национализма, которые ускорили исчезновение великих европейских империй в Азии, распространялись на другие части мира слаборазвитых. Революция в Египте была прелюдия к перемешиванию более воинственной и более революционной форме национализма во всем арабских стран. В Африке тоже, и к северу и к югу от Сахары, nationalist leaders were emerging who were determined to establish the political independence Прочитайте больше [...]

Топ самых популярных американских Начиная со старых Лучший писатель | Стихи | Лучший Listening

Thomas Stearns Eliot, Получил лучшее образование всех крупных американских писателей своего поколения в Гарварде, Сорбонна и Оксфордского университета, Он изучал санскрит и восточную философию, которая оказала влияние его poetry.Like его друг поэт Эзра Паунд он отправился в Англию рано и стал видной фигурой в литературном мире. One of the most respected poets of his day his modernist seemingly illogical or abstract iconoclastic poetry had revolutionary impact.In The Love Прочитайте больше [...]

Нью-АМЕРИКАНЦЫ Знакомства Новейшие американцы

On October 11 had the privilege of speaking at the naturalization ceremony for 125 new citizens, Held at the United states District court for the District of Columbia, a short walk from the Capitol. The ceremony was presided over by the honorable judge Tanya Chukka, herself a naturalized citizen originally from Jamaica. It drew a remarkable from Kazakhstan to Kenya, from Argentina to Australia, from Iraq to Italy. There men and woman speak dozens of different language and have different faiths Прочитайте больше [...]

День выборов демократия в действии

Bright balloons bob above a sea of rainbow-colored signs as loudspeakers blare music and announcements and people in hats and shirts emblazoned with slogans hand out fliers stickers and buttons. Election day in the United States often arrives dressed as a carnival,ready to attract attention and excite voter interest. The day begins early on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November in villages,towns and cites across the United States as thousands of volunteers rise before dawn to lend a hand Прочитайте больше [...]

Как американцы в Пакистане могут проголосовать In The 2016 выборы

Among the many freedoms citizens enjoy is the right to vote from wherever they are, life can take you lots of places, And you can vote from all of them. Voting is a citizens's most fundamental right during his election year U.S citizens living away from their voting residence can easily vote by absentee ballot with resources from the federal voting assistance program.(FVAP) FVAP means Federal Voting Assistance Program gov has everything you need to know from upcoming election dates to downloadable Прочитайте больше [...]