Pitrolju Inġinerija u,definizzjoni iu introduzzjoni

Petroleum and it,definizzjoni iu introduzzjoni…

Latin petra =rock,oleum=oil means sock oil.
It is usually found below the surface of earth.it is viscous liquid and mixture of alkane,alkene,cycloalkane,aromatic hydrocarbons and some inorganic compounds therefore it is called crude oil.
Crude oil is drilled out from the soil and carried to oil refineries by means of oil tanker and pipelines. It is fraction ally distilled.
Gasoline or petrol is a mixture of hexane(C6H14).since the demand of gasoline is increasing due to its use as fuel for automobile s,air planes etc.The cracking is employed to obtain increased quantities of petrol from crude oil.
Performing of Petroleum:
Introduction;to convert a petroleum molecule into more useful compound by a process in which octane number of petrol(gasoline) is increased.
Definition: The process by which straight chain alkane are converted into a branched chain alkane possessing high octane number is known as reforming of petroleum.
By this processes a low grade petrol cab be converted to high grade petrol.for example n-octane having octane number zero can be much better motor fuel, value of gasoline or petrol expressed in term of octane number.
Low octane number petrol energy produced is not utilized in moving piston of engine thus knocking produce in the engine. When gasoline of high octane number is used then knocking decreases. Knocking can also be decreased by adding tetra athyl lead pb(C2H5)4 to the petrol……

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