Top Status Inspirational dan Quotes

Hallo teman-teman! Saya harap Anda semua lakukan besar. Hard times come in everybody's life but those who stay positive and calm always achieve their goals in a proper manner. So guys we are back with our best collection of top inspirational status and quotes which will help you to find the answers of your questions about your life and stuff and will let you do whatever you are doing in your lives. Many of these quotes have come from legends who have achieved great success in their lives. All I wanna Baca lebih banyak [...]

Puncak 29+ Status Jantung rusak | Status WhatsApp

Hi orang-orang cantik! Seperti yang kita semua tahu bahwa patah hati adalah salah satu dari pengalaman-pengalaman yang kita semua sebagai manusia dapat dengan mudah berbagi, namun Anda hanya dapat mengalami sendiri. Heartbreak menyebalkan, begitu putus. Right now we are here to share with you guys the best collection of top broken heart and depressing statuses that will let you explain your feelings in few words to your friends and family. So guys the wait is over! Following are those broken heart statuses. Status Jantung rusak: Tapi Baca lebih banyak [...]

42+ Status Super Singkat WhatsApp

Halo semuanya! WhatsApp status singkat ideal untuk memulai percakapan dan cara terbaik untuk membuka. Kali ini kami telah menggabungkan semua status WhatsApp keren dan menakjubkan di satu platform, so you don't need to go anywhere else. Just check these out! Short WhatsApp Status: Every one has annoying friend. If you don't really have one, then it's probably YOU! God is really creative. maksudku, just look at me! No bees- No honey, no work-no money. If you really don't Baca lebih banyak [...]

The Best Quotes Tentang Hidup

Hai kawan! Bagaimana kabarmu semua? Saya harap semua yang Anda lakukan baik. Jadi orang-orang sekali lagi kita di sini dengan salah satu koleksi terbaik dari kami tentang kehidupan. It totally depends upon us how we live our lives or if we enjoy it or not. With each rise of the sun, you get to chase the opportunity to fill your days with meaning—to live your life the way you choose. Sekarang, we are here for you and are putting lots of our efforts just to get the best out of us only for you guys. I hope you are liking our work Baca lebih banyak [...]

Kutipan Cinta dan Cinta Status Pesan

Hai kawan! Saya harap semua yang Anda lakukan baik. So guys! Apakah Anda tertarik dalam berbagi cinta di udara? Oh apakah Anda hanya berpikir ya? Then you have landed at the very right place as we are here for you! Today we have come up with the great collection of Quotations which you can use as your statuses on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and can easily share your feelings with your loved ones. Anyway without wasting much of your time, let's get started. List of Love Quotes and Statuses: I Baca lebih banyak [...]