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Self Help: Dry Eyes.

Dry eyes tend to develop when you are not producing enough tears or the tears are not lubricating eye properly. Your eyes may feel irritated or gritty. People of any age can be affected but older people’s particularly woman after the menopause is more susceptible. The problem is make worse by dry or windy weather, chlorinated swimming pools, and air conditioning or central hating heating, Diabetes, and certain medications such as amphetamines, can also cause dry eyes, as an inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis). Persistent dryness of the eyes is known as karate conjunctivitis. Sacco.


  • Make an appointment to see your doctor to establish the cause of dry eyes.

Try the following measures to relieve the discomfort of dry eyes.
 Blink frequently, particularly when you are focusing on detailed work for long periods. Take frequent rests if you are working at a computer.
 For occasional dryness, use artificial tears to moisten your eyes (see drug remedies, right).
 Try using lubricating rooms, ointment to keep your eyes moist at night (see drug remedies, right).
 In centrally heated rooms, increase the humidity by using a humidifier or place a bowl of water beside a radiator to keep the air moist.
 Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Cut down on coffee, tea, and cola, as these drink contain caffeine, which can dehydrate you.
 Wear goggles when swimming.
 Avoid smoky or polluted environment, which could further irritate your eyes.
 Fit side shields to your glasses, especially in windy or dry conditions.
Artificial tears include drops containing hypromellose, which keep the eyes moist and help to relieve itching. Gels containing substances called crooners also keep the eyes moist and maybe or more convenient than drops because they do not need to be applied as often. Don’t wear contact lenses while using these products.
Lubricating eye ointment is applied at bedtime to lubricate the eyes through the night. Ask your pharmacist to recommend a suitable product.
Arrange to see your doctor again. if:
 You often have dry. Uncomfortable eyes
 You develop any other symptoms.
Applying eye treatments
When using any eye treatment, apply it just inside your lower eyelid. Hold the end of the nozzle or dropper away from your eye to keep it clean.

  • Eye examination of :

  • An inspection of the structures of the eyes, either as art of a vision test or to make a diagnosis when an eye disorder is suspected. (See b ox, previous page).


    Eye examination is used to determine the cause of visual disturbance or of other symptom relating to the eyes. They are also used to assess whether corrective devices, such as glasses or contact lenses, are necessary. Eye teat are essential to discover certain serious eye disorder, such as glaucoma (in which the fluid in the eye is at abnormally high pressure), because such disorders maybe symptomless in the early stages and only detectable during an eye examination.

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An eye examination usually beings with a physical inspection of the eye the eyelids, and the surrounding skin. Eye movements are usually checked and the examiner looks for squint (misalignment of the eye). Visual acuity (sharpness of vision) in each eye investigated using a snellen chart; the standard eye east wall chart refraction testing (using lenses of different strengths) may then be performed to determine precisely which glasses or contact lenses, if any are required. An investigation of the visual fields (the extent of peripheral vision) may also be carried out, especially in suspected cases of neurological conditions. Color vision is occasionally checked because loss of color perception is a sign of certain disorders of the retina (the light-sensitive inner layer at he back of the eyes) or of the optic nerve (which transmits impulses from the retina to the brain). In order to check for abrasions or ulcers, the conjunction (the transparent membrane covering the white of the eye and inside of the eyelids) and the cornea (the transparent dome that forms the front of the eyeball)may be stained with flourescein ( an orange dye). Application (measurement of the pressure within the eye) is an Essential test for glaucoma.
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