Poly Manu | Merious Part | Unit Molecule |Polymerization

Poly manu,merious part or unit or molecule,polymerization linking of many molecules.
The process in which organic compounds containing double bonds or triple bonds undergo chemical reaction in such a way that large number of smaller molecules join together to form very large molecules smaller molecules add together are called monomers and they produce big molecules are called polymers and this whole phenomenon is known as “polymerization”.
Types of polymerization:
There are two types of polymerization.
1.addition polymerization
2.condensation polymerization
1.Addition polymerization:
In this types of polymerization many smaller molecules undergo self combination resulting into substance with molecular mass many times greater then monomer.
2.condensation polymerization:
When two different types of monomers having different functional groups, polymerization by eliminating one water molecule is called ” condensation polymerization “.in this type of polymerization simple molecules condensed together to produce polymer and a small molecule mostly H2O is produced.

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