Pharmacology and Pharmacology its types


Pharmakon=drugs, Gnosy=knowledge
The subject deals with biological,biochemical,therapeutic and economic features of natural drugs and their chemical constituents.
Pharmacognosy is the study of organized and unorganized, all about getting knowledge of crude drugs like ginger,gartic,orange e.t.c
Crude Drug:
These are drugs of animal and vegitables which contain natural substance s hence undergone only process of collection and selection:
Classification of drugs is pharmacognosy this classifications is by different bases.
Organized Drugs:
The drug obtained from the direct parts of the plants and containing cellular tissues are called as organized drugs.e.g rhizomes,barks,leaves,fruit,entire plants e.t.c
Unorganized drugs:
The drugs which are prepared from plants by some intermediate physical process such as incision drying or extraction with a solvent and not containing any cellular plant tissues are called as unorganized alloe,juice,opium latex etc
Morphological classifications:
Under morphological classification the drugs are arranged according to their part of the plant such as leaves,stems,roots,barks,flowers, seeds e.t.c

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