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Their diets are based on the belief that different food types are digested in different ways and should not be eaten together, weight loss result from a correct combining of food types.


The Hay Diet was introduced in 1930 by Dr. William Hay, who believed that eliminating refined foods from the diet and avoiding eating protein and starch at the same meal allows the body to heal itself. Weight loss is an additional benefit. You can eat out on this family-friendly plan. No special products are required but you do have to buy a book. The plan is not easy to maintain.

How it claims to work.

This diet is based on the belief that weight gain stems from a metabolic imbalance resulting from poor digestion. According to this theory, the imbalance occurs because we eat a mixed diet, and the enzymes required for the digestion of carbohydrate and protein work optimally in different chemical environments, Eating food in the wrong combinations caused the body to be in an acid rather than an alkaline state. Dr. Hay states that protein and starch foods need different conditions in the digestive tract and should never be combined at the same meal, with four hours between each meal. Food is classified by its chemical requirements for efficient digestion fruits and vegetables are alkali-forming and are good for us, and most protein and starchy foods are acid-forming and should be limited.

Pasta tossed with a fresh vegetable sauce is a typical “carbohydrate meal” you can look forward to on the New Beverly Hills Diet.


This diet prescribes completely natural whole foods, with at least 50 per cent from fresh fruit are permitted. The food-combining element of the diet means that proteins should be eaten at separate meals from carbohydrates. The rules for a healthy diet include eliminating processed and refined foods, eating only whole grains, minimizing milk intake, and avoiding combinations that clash. Neutral foods, which include vegetables, nuts, seeds, and oils from the foundation of the diet.


While there is no scientific basis for the claim that an acidic condition counteracts the body’s healthy alkaline state, this diet promotes weight loss by decreasing your intake of calories. Eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and limiting protein intake is a healthy idea.


Suzanne Somers, the author of this diet plans, incorporates ways to splurge and enjoy foods into her food-combining diet. You can eat out on this family-friendly plan. No spceial product’s are required but you do have to buy a book. The plan is not easy to maintain.

How it claims to work

Somersizing claims to reprogramme your metabolism to burn fat by providing a constant source of energy, with frequent small meals and fresh fruit and vegetables. The plan advocates eating proteins and fats with vegetables and no other carbohydrates and eating carbohydrates with vegetables and no fat.


  • Hay Diet.

  • Somersizing.

  • New Beverly Hills Biet.

  • Fit for Life.


Somersizing prohibits all alcoholic and caffeine-containing drink, sugar, honey, beetroot, carrots, white flour, pasta, white rice, sweet corn, bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin are discouraged. Nuts olives, avocado, liver, coconuts, milk, (other than skimmed), tofu, and soy milk are also restricted. The main points of some resizing diet to remember are fruits, should be eaten alone or on an empty stomach, carbohydrates should be eaten only with other carbohydrate-rich foods and proteins and fats can be eaten together.


By following the rules of this diet, you are likely to be successful losing weight because you are cutting out food groups and reducing your calorie intake, With exercise, this promotes weight loss.

Reducing some processed foods that are low in fiber and high in sugar, and eating plenty of fresh vegetables is a healthful approach but restrict foods that contain both carbohydrates and proteins such as avocados makes no sense. We also know that nuts, olives, monounsaturated fats, which help prevent cardiovascular disease. The author claims that when carbohydrates and protein are eaten together, their enzymes cancel each other out, halting the guide stove process and causing weight gain. Most foods and carbohydrates in various combinations and there is no reason to believe that they can not be digested successfully together.


According to the author of this diet, which claims to be a 35-days lifstyle eating plan rather than a diet, the key to losing weight is to improve digestion by combining proteins, carbohydrates and fats, correctly. You can eat out on this plan, no special products are needed but you do have to buy a book. The plan is not easy to maintain of family-friendly.


The author, Judy Maizel, believes that when carbohydrates are eaten with proteins, they become trapped and are not digested properly. She goes on to claim that undigested carbohydrated are stroed as fat. The premise is that protiens are the most difficult foods to digest, carbohydrates are easier, and fruits are the easiest. Fats do not interfere with the digestion of eigther protein or carbohydrates, but must not be eaten with fruit. Since fruits are digested very quickly, they have to be eaten alone, or they will become trapped in your stomach by other foods.

The regimen

The plan recommends begining each day with fruit. After eating proteins or carbohydrates you should not eat fruit. If you eat carbohydrates after fuits, you may then eat carbohydrates without restriction until you eat proteins. Then 80 per cent of what you eat for the rest of the should be proteins only. If you want a meal combining carbohydrates and proteins, your other meals that day must comprise carbohydrates only. Fats can combined with proteins or carbohydrates. Most alcoholic drinks are considered carbohydrates should be consumed only wit other carbohydrates. However, wine is considered a fruit and must be combined only with other fruits.


Fit for life is another diet claiming that combining food in certain ways improves digestion and leads to successful weight loss. You can eat out on this family-friendly plan. No special products are required but you do have to buy a book. The plan is not easy to maintain.


This diet advises that in the mornings you eat only fruits, for lunch you eat raw vegetables with some whole-grain bread or vegetables soup, and for dinner you have salad with grain and meat. The authors are against cooking where possible, as they claim it removes water from food the destorys its natural enzymes. If your diet does not include enough high-water content foods, they recommend drinking distilled water, since the minerals in natural water are presumed to bind with cholesterol and form plaues. Eating fruit is highly recommended, but it should be eaten separtely and never immediately following any other foods.

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