חלק עליון 5 Largest Cities in India

Introduce: India is one of the largest cities in the world with a population of 1,173,108,018 (July 2010 estimate). Formally it is called as Republic of India and occupies most of the Indian subcontinent in the southern portion of Asia. India is one of the largest democratic country along with China, and of the most fastest growing countries. But is still considered as a developing country. Basically India is a fascinating country with lots of cities, towns and villages housing a great diversity קרא עוד [...]

הבורגנים במהפכה הצרפתית 1789

The Bourgeoisie Nearly all the leaders of the revolution were drawn from the numerically small class of the "bourgeoisie" which included merchants, traders, industries, lawyers, doctors and other professional groups. The merchants and industries lived mainly in the towns, for the feudal conditions of the countryside and special heavy taxation of land had prevented them from purchasing country estates. In the reign of Louis XVI (1774-1792) they were reasonably prosperous. They enjoyed many exemption קרא עוד [...]

מצרים מעצמות המערב באירופה ובעולם השלישי (1953-1968)

Egypt and the Western powers in Europe While Britain was forging alliances in the Middle East she had also to face the new situation in Egypt. Sooner after the fall of Farouk the old Egyptian political parties, including the nationalist Wafd, which had opposed British influence for over sixty years, were dissolved. They were replaced by the army liberation rally, pro-revolutionary new nationalist movement controlled by the army officers who had staged the revolution and commanding widespread קרא עוד [...]

באירופה מלחמת העולם השלישית (1953-1968) | Erupean

Europe and the third world war 1953_1968 By 1953 הכוחות לאומיים, אשר נכנסו להילוך היעלמותו של האימפריות האירופיות הגדולות באסיה, היו להתפשט לחלקים אחרים של העולם המפותח. המהפכה במצרה הייתה ההקדמה הערבוב של צורה מיליטנטית יותר ויותר מהפכנית של לאומיות ברחבי המדינות הערבות. באפריקה מדי, הן בצפון ובדרום הסהרה, nationalist leaders were emerging who were determined to establish the political independence קרא עוד [...]

The Nobility in The French Revolution in (1789) | The Socialist Party of Great Britain

A striking feature of French society before the Revolution was the absence of any real unity among the wealthy and privileged. The bourgeoisie envied and detested the nobility, which in its turn was seriously divided against itself. There were three main division of the nobility. The great Nobility, the Lesser Nobility and the nobility of the robe. French The great Nobility comprised about 1000 families who owned the largest and the wealthiest landed estates in France. They had been accorded קרא עוד [...]

The Army in The French revolution in 1789

The Army A vital support of any despotic monarchy must be its armed forces, but the French army in 1789 was far from being the reliable instrument of the monarchy which it had been at the time of the great victories of Louis XIV. There were serious causes of discontents which encouraged the spread of Democratic and revolutionary ideas in the army. The most important grievances was the law of 1781 by which commissioned rank was restricted to those born into the nobility. Non commissioned rank was קרא עוד [...]

The Peasant culture facts, information | Pedestrianization of France during the French Revolution ulture

Conditions of French society before The revolution. The peasantry. At the time of the revolution in the peasantry numbered about 23,000,000 in a total population of 25,000,000. In some district's of France the peasantry were still serf in the strict sense of the world, beings bought and sold with the land when it changed hands. These serfs numbered about 1,000,000.Another section of the peasantry were the "meta yer" tenants who shared both the profits and losses of cultivation with their landlords. קרא עוד [...]

אנגליה הרומנטיקה התקופה הוויקטוריאנית (מאמר) ויקי לא תספר לכם| ניו אינגלנד הרומנטיקה

התנועה הרומנטית, which originated in Germany but quickly spread, הגיע לאמריקה בסביבות שנת 1820. רעיונות רומנטיים סביב הממדים הרוחניים ואסתטיים של הטבע, ואת החשיבות של נפש ורוח הפרט. הרומנטיקנים הדגישו את החשיבות של האמנות הבעה עצמית עבור הפרט והחברה. ההתפתחות של העצמי להיות נושא מרכזי; מודעות עצמיות שיטה עיקרית. אם, על פי התיאוריה הרומנטית, עצמי והטבע אחד, self-awareness קרא עוד [...]

ביותר מדורגים פופולריים האמריקאי הכי ישן הסופר הטוב ביותר | שירים | ההקשבה ביותר

תומאס סטרנס אליוט, קבל את החינוך הטוב ביותר של כל סופר אמריקאי גדול של הדור שלו בהרווארד קולג, הסורבון ואוניברסיטת אוקספורד, למד סנסקריט ופילוסופיה מזרחית שהשפיעה poetry.Like שלו חברו המשורר עזרא פאונד נסע לאנגליה מוקדם והפך לדמות מתנשא בעולם הספרות שם. One of the most respected poets of his day his modernist seemingly illogical or abstract iconoclastic poetry had revolutionary impact.In The Love קרא עוד [...]

מודרניזם ניסויים

MODERNISM :- In the postwar big boom business flourished and the successful prospered beyond their wildest dreams for the first time many Americans enrolled in highest education-in the 1920 college enrollment doubled the middle class prospered Americans began to enjoy the would highest national average income in this era. Americans of the Roaring Twenties Fell in love with modern entertainments. Most people went to the movies once a week, Although prohibition a nationwide ban on the sale קרא עוד [...]

השערת מחקר מתקשה - נלחם מהפכה האמריקנית

The hard – fought American Revolution. Against Britain (1775-1783) was the first modern war of liberation against a colonial power. The triumph of American independence seemed to many at the time a divine sign that Research Hypothesis The hard – fought American Revolution America and her people were destined for greatness. Military victory fanned nationalistic hopes for a great new literature. Yet, with the exception of outstanding soon after the revolution. Americans were painfully aware of קרא עוד [...]