La interacción de las radiaciones nucleares con la materia

In the previous chapter we have discussed natural radioactivity in which a and B particles and y-rays are emitted from the disintegrating nucleus of an atom. In nuclear fission and fusion reactions neutrons and other particles together with certain radiations are emitted from the nucleus. Moreover interaction of high energy particles *natural or artificial* with... Read More »

Los instrumentos de medición eléctrica y sus tipos eléctricas

INTRODUCTION :- for the detection or measurement of electric current potential difference, and resistance certain instruments have been devised viz the galvanometer for the detection of small currents or measurements of small currents of the order of micro amperes or millionaires the voltmeter of potentiate for the measurements of potential difference (or voltage) between two... Read More »

Tecnologías de petróleo se,s definición e implantación

Petroleum and it,s definición e implantación… Latin petra =rock,oleum=oil means sock oil. It is usually found below the surface of earth.it is viscous liquid and mixture of alkane,alkene,cycloalkane,aromatic hydrocarbons and some inorganic compounds therefore it is called crude oil. Crude oil is drilled out from the soil and carried to oil refineries by means of... Read More »

Homologous series and characteristics of homologous series

Homologous series and characteristics of homologous series Definition; Series of organic compounds which have same functional group, similar structural feature but differ from each other by integer number of CH2(methylene group) is calledHomologous series”. The number of homologous series differs by molecular mass 14. Characteristics of Homologous series: 1. All numbers of homologous series... Read More »

Manu poli | Parte Merious | unidad molécula |Polimerización

manu poli,merious parte o unidad o molécula,vinculación polimerización de muchas moléculas. The process in which organic compounds containing double bonds or triple bonds undergo chemical reaction in such a way that large number of smaller molecules join together to form very large molecules smaller molecules add together are called monomers and they produce big molecules... Read More »

Cómo emparejar el ordenador portátil a una conexión móvil Bluetooth

How to Pair Your Laptop to a Bluetooth Mobile ConnectDesea compartir su dispositivo portátil a un móvil Bluetooth conectarse. Tales como Bluetooth es poco como WiFi en las que le permiten conectar dispositivos de otras personas sin obtener la naturaleza les atribuyen también un cable. En primer lugar tiene portátil y móvil. Ver esta foto. To connect a Bluetooth device to your PC you need to... Read More »

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