How to Get Free 100k Facebook Page Likes

AddMeFast There are many well-trusted sites available over the internet for this purpose (as mentioned in the previous article). Take AddMeFast as an example. AddMeFast is the promotional website which can help you get thousands 100k of likes. AddMeFast is a network that will help you grow your social presence. This is very cool. Are the facebook page links real? How can i get by myself to track a facebook page more likes on my new page, Is the links are working good? I'm glad to write an Weiterlesen [...]

How to add floating video feature in WordPress

So, we have been seeing this floating video feature on quite a few video sharing sites nowadays and I tried to implement floating video feature in WordPress and here is how I did it. I used to wonder how video is being played in the corner of the page and as we scroll down it comes down straight. Aber, after I knew how floating video feature works, I decided to write about it. If you add videos to your WordPress blog posts then you might wanna add floating video feature in WordPress. Because it Weiterlesen [...]

Wie komprimieren Bilder in Wordpress (3 Methods)

Image optimization plays a good role in terms of making a site load faster. Compressing images help you to optimize image sizes, resolutions so that your images load faster and help your site to rank well in search engine. I used to use Smush it image compressor in WordPress blogs but later Smush it plugin was sold out to WPMU Dev team and I stopped using it because WPMU Devs were charging per 1000 image compression. aber, I figured out another free of cost way to do it. In diesem Artikel, you will Weiterlesen [...]

5 Beste Bloggers Get In Here! Check Out Vital Punkte Sie beachten sollten über Bloggen

Bloggers Get In Here! Bloggers, As We All Know Blogging Ia A Lifestyle For Some Folks, Business For Some, Passion For Some, Or Surprisingly Fun For Some Also... But We Tend To Forget What Blogging Actually Entails. As A Blogger There Are Some Do's And Dont's You Should Know And Follow When Blogging In Order To Build A Successful Blog In The World Of Today. So I Have Personally Taken My Time To Collate Some Of These Vital Points For You As A Blogger Or A Site Owner Should To Know When Weiterlesen [...]


Ich habe die Ausfälle Server untersucht und fand ich heraus, die folgenden Informationen: Die Websites und hat eine Menge Herzschlag Hinrichtung. Sie können die Ausführung reduzieren ... Beide Seiten haben fast 100 langsame Abfragen. Die Spitze 10 langsame Abfragen für die letzten 24 Std.: Code TOP 3 von 97 (gesamt) Langsame Abfragen für die Vergangenheit 24 Stunden 1.Executed 20h 52m 14s vor für 76.575306 sec auf Datenbank -> Unbekannt (NICHT GEFUNDEN / GESTRICHEN) Datum: 2017-09-13 09:36:50 Query_time: 76.575306 Weiterlesen [...]

Die beste Web-Hosting-Service (Bewertungen & Vergleich)

We've ranked Siteground as our number 1 web host. Not only for their outstanding user satisfaction rating, but also for their long list of features, How to choose the best web hosting in 2017 related previous companies using oldest, that backup setup has been save in PC, WHAT IS WEB HOSTING PROVIDING THE INTERACTION? Be sure your web host can accommodate have shown below. e-commerce storefronts wireless capability blogs forums chats online interactive helps Anything else Weiterlesen [...]

OBEN 5 Wordpress SEO Plugins Suchmaschinen-Ranking VERBESSERN

The Google gives you the best chance to index your website are very easy with also get the much traffic from google. We will share 12 best WordPress SEO plugins to ranking search engine your website... Getting your website index from the browsers, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Andere, these browsers gives the webmaster tool to use it by yourself, Will rank your website before you should index to it. But the more overwhelming known is, Don't worry about it, if you are using WordPress Platform, Weiterlesen [...]

5 Der beliebtesten Kostenlose Wordpress Themes

Einführung Über Wordpress Themes: Wordpress Theme Download kostenlos, wie Sie das Thema erhalten möchten, wie pro Ihre Website zu zeigen, wie und Ihren Geist das am besten aussehende und Top beliebtesten Thema zu erhalten, wollen mit auch kostenlos bekommen, kostenlos bezahlt Thema, dass das sind gute Nachrichten auf meiner Website zu zeigen, zum Download auf Ihrer Website hochladen, werden Sie auf die Schaltfläche aktivieren und dann getan, um Ihre Website hatte es bekommt. Heute bin ich froh, einen Artikel über Wordpress-Themes zu schreiben sind frei, Alle Themen sehr reaktions oder Weiterlesen [...]