Feeding Problems In Babies Step By Step | Breast-feeding | Bottle-feeding

Most feeding problems in babies occur in the early months. some newborns need practice at latching on the breast, while bottle-fed babies may have trouble with different size of tests and type of formula. Babies who are not getting enough milk are often excessively sleepy and slow to gain weight while those who are overfed gain weight too quickly many breast-fed and bottle-fed babies effortlessly posse small amounts of milk after a feed this is not a cause for concern. Some however, regurgitate large amount of feed and may be wheezy this condition called reflex may last for up to a year and is due to a weak muscle at the entrance to the stomach. It is most common in preterm babies or those whose feeds well but wakes screaming between feeds may have an allergy to milk.


Make an appointment to see your doctor if:

  • Your baby can’t feed or won’t feed.
  • Your baby has been feeding well but has develop problems.
  • Your baby regurgitates large volume of milk and or there is blood in the vomit.
  • Your baby fails to gain or losses weight.WHAT YOU CAN DO YOURSELF
    • Most feeding problems resolve themselves over time but using the following tips will help you can be sure that your newborn baby is feeding well if he she you produces 6 or more wet nappies a day sleep well and gins weight at the predicated rate.
    • Make sure your newborn baby feeds properly at least 6 times in 24 hours don’t assume a sleepy is content sleeping for more than 4 Std..
    • Babies who gain weight too fast are usually bottle-fed. Ask your health visitors for advice about how to regulate feeding.
    • If your body posses milk after a feed, change the nappy beforehand so you don’t have to disturb your baby too.

Winding your baby.

Gently patting the back to release trapped gas-after each feed helps prevent him or her from posse ting milk.

Much after he or she has fed. Pause and wind your baby at intervals during the feed, and hold him or here upright on your lap afterwards to allow wind to come up naturally. If you are bottle-feeding. Try using a bottle and teat specifically designed to reduce wind.

  • A baby who has diagnosed with reflex needs a special feeding regime until he or she grows out of the condition.



  • If you have not breast -fed before, there are several tips that will help get you off to a good start. Get help from some who has had experience in breast-feeding.
  • Your baby may find it hard to latch on if your breasts are engorged or very full. Expressing a little milk before he or she begins to feed will soften the breast. This will also help if your baby chokes because your milk flows too fast.
  • Until your baby has learned to breast feet properly, don’t use dummies or bottles.
  • Occasionally expressing milk by hand or using a breast pump between feeds will help to empty the breast and stimulate a good supply of milk. This also helps to draw out a flat or inverted nipple, as does wearing a nippy shield.
  • Mae sure you eat an extra 500 calories a day and rest whenever you can to maintain a good milk supply for your baby.
  • If your baby is settled and wakes screaming between feeds, try excluding daily from your diet for a week to see if the problem is due to and allergic reaction to them. If symptoms improve continue these measures.


  • If your baby is feeding too slowly, try a teat with a large hole, conversely a baby who gulps and feeds fast may need a teat with a smaller hole.
  • Try changing to a different milk formula if your baby is consistently unsettled or unhappy after feeding if he or she wakes screaming between a week to see if the problem is due to milk allergy. If symptoms improve continue these measures.

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