Allow PHP in Posts and Pages WordPress Plugin

Allow PHP in posts and pages adds the functionality to include PHP in your WordPress posts and pages by adding a shortcode [php] your code [/php] the coding is very most popular, why coding is popular, because many websites using the coding as per the PHP, HTML, CSS, If anybody wanted to without any write like a content without any skills just getting the money, has been ideas in this on Coding. I'm sharing the plugin with yours, Finally, I get the inside plugin to working on your website with Read more [...]

How to outline text in CSS (with Coding Show)

Today, I will show you how to create CSS Outline in HTML web page. Its very simple just code and create CSS Outline in HTML web page. So friends follow these tags and code in you an HTML and see the result. See these code and tags and create CSS Outline in HTML the web page. <style> p { border: 1px solid black; outline-color:red; } p.dotted {outline-style: dotted;} p.dashed {outline-style: dashed;} p.solid {outline-style: solid;} p.double Read more [...]

CSS Box Model Examples (with show the coding)

Today I will show you how to create CSS Box Model in to your HTML web page. So friends see these tags or code and create CSS Box Model in your web page. The web page is working recommending on the landing as per your business requirements to added on them. The Let's see. Coding. <style> div { background-color: lightgrey; width: 300px; border: 25px solid green; padding: 25px; margin: 25px; } </style> </head> <body> <h2> Read more [...]

How to Create Tables in HTML (with Show Coding)

So friends today I will show you how to create a table in HTML web page it's simple I am telling you to let's see and create a table in your web page. so these are some tags and code and create a table into your web page. The main work of table is, the table is used for maintaining a website, to create a table and maintain size create result list in your website . and much more in table its very helpful for a web developer. So friends add these tags to code in your an HTML web page Read more [...]

How to Create a Google Maps API in HTML Web Page

Today I'm Glad to share the article with the topic is Creat a google API map in HTML working on the web page. Many websites to created in the web page like coding added HTML or CSS. The web page to show the advertisements or landing page are created in HTML or CSS. How to create Google API map in HTML web page. See these tags or code and create google API map on your web page so let's start. before I start I am telling you this map is very important for your website because some peoples Read more [...]

Sign Up form HTML Code for Website

So friends how to create a sign-up form in HTML web page so friends lets see. Here some tags we use and some PHP coding and create sign up form. So see this all and learn how to create sign up form in HTML web page simple see. <form action="action_page_url.php"> <div class="container"> <label><strong>Email</strong></label> <input type="text" placeholder="Enter Your Email" name="email" required> <label><strong>Password</strong></label> <input type="password" placeholder="Enter Read more [...]

How to Create a Web page Using HTML (with Coding)

What is a web page? A hypertext document connected to the World Wide Web. it means we create web page and every 2 nd person see our web page bythe internett its simple because very person needs the internet why because nowadays it need of peoples . some people are searching studycontentt and more than 100 persons are searching for entertantment contant so we create web page and people can see our web page and we earn money online . its so simple but the main thing is to understand what I am Read more [...]

Top 10 Most Popular Sites to Start a Blog in 2017

Hello, Everybody, I'm glad to write an article about this topic, Today I'm sharing the 10 Most Popular blog websites to start a simple blog and getting the earn money as per your articles. simplest my website is already had at one platform those I sharing below listed and you enjoy to read this article. Blog sites is a great way to start a simple blogging career. A blog is very simply created and start to write articles, add the images, gallery, audio, video object, etc. Development Read more [...]