Self Help: Dry Eyes Symptoms, Treatment, Causes – Can self-care treatments

Self Help: Dry Eyes Symptoms, Treatment, Causes – Can self-care treatmentsSelf Help: Dry Eyes. Dry eyes tend to develop when you are not producing enough tears or the tears are not lubricating eye properly. Your eyes may feel irritated or gritty. People of any age can be affected but older people’s particularly woman after the menopause is more susceptible. The problem is make worse by... Read More »

How Your Kidney Work | The National Kidney Foundation

How Your Kidney Work | The National Kidney Foundation1,Edematous state: In this reabsorption of Nacl is high,leadings to, 1,heat failure s 2,hepatic Ascites 3,Nephritic syndrome 4,Premenstrual Edema Ascitis is the accusations of bluids in abdominal cavity occurs due to human reasons A,increase portal blood pressure B,zindary hypertension 2:Non-Edematus state In this absorption of Nacl is decreased conditions include 1,Hypertension 2,Hyper calcium 3,Diabetes insipid-us... Read More »

How To Keep Our Town Clean Building Partnerships

How To Keep Our Town Clean Building PartnershipsHow to keep our town. We are Muslims we should follow the teaching of Islam. Islam gives us the sense of purity cleanliness.We should therefore be clean in action and thought. Our holy prophet (peace be upon him) loved cleanliness, we should feel proud of following his footsteps. In Advanced countries even today people dust... Read More »

Pharmacology and Pharmacology its types

Pharmacology! Pharmakon=drugs, Gnosy=knowledge The subject deals with biological,biochemical,therapeutic and economic features of natural drugs and their chemical constituents. OR Pharmacognosy is the study of organized and unorganized, all about getting knowledge of crude drugs like ginger,gartic,orange e.t.c Crude Drug: These are drugs of animal and vegitables which contain natural substance s hence undergone only... Read More »

Poly Manu | Merious Part | Unit Molecule |Polymerization

Poly manu,merious part or unit or molecule,polymerization linking of many molecules. The process in which organic compounds containing double bonds or triple bonds undergo chemical reaction in such a way that large number of smaller molecules join together to form very large molecules smaller molecules add together are called monomers and they produce big molecules... Read More »

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